QUALITY Street tubs are already back on supermarket shelves, but there are some chocolates that are no longer with us.

Founded in 1936, Quality Street has become a familiar favourite as families gear up for Christmas.

Quality Street is a fan favourite over the festive season


Quality Street is a fan favourite over the festive seasonCredit: Alamy

If you’ve already bought a tin this year, the chocolates that you would find include The Green Triangle, Strawberry Delight, Caramel Swirl, Milk Choc Block and Orange Chocolate Crunch.

However, over the years, Nestle – which owns Quality Street – has shaken up the tubs.

While some of them were dropped altogether, others were alterations of those everyone knows today.

For example, in 2019 Quality Street confirmed that it had axed the toffee deluxe and had no plans to bring it back.

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While the chocolate caramel brownie sweet was discontinued in 2021.

Quality Street fans have taken to social media to share their desperation to bring back their favourite sweets.

One tweeted: “If you [Quality Street] could bring back the coffee creams in Quality Street, I’d appreciate it.”

While another wrote: “And bring back the coffee caramel in Quality Street!”

And someone else said: “Bring back the peanut crunchy thing and the chocolate toffee caramel.”

Jemma Handley, senior brand manager at Quality Street: “To ensure Quality Street remains classic while feeling fresh and relevant for today, we regularly rotate one or two sweets.  

“We always try to offer Quality Street fans a delicious mix of sweets they know and love. Watch this space to see which flavour we bring out for Christmas this year.”

Here’s the full list of chocolates that have either been dropped completely or replaced:

Sweets that were discontinued

  • Hazelnut Cracknell (red wrapper)
  • Hazelnut Eclair
  • Honeycomb crunch (discontinued in 2018 to re-introduce Toffee Deluxe)
  • Chocolate Nut Toffee Cream
  • Peanut Cracknell (blue wrapper)
  • Gooseberry Cream (green wrapper, light green fondant with a touch of Gooseberry Preserve covered in milk chocolate)
  • Fig Fancy (light brown wrapper)
  • Apricot Delight (blue wrapper, square chunk, apricot flavoured jelly covered in milk chocolate)
  • Toffee Square (metallic pink wrapper, a small square of very hard toffee)
  • Chocolate Truffle (brown square chunk, a soft truffle filling covered in milk chocolate)
  • Montelimar Nougat
  • Harrogate Toffee
  • Fruits of the Forest Creme (pale purple wrapper)
  • Smarties (2004 promotion only)
  • Coffee Cream (brown wrapper, same size and shape as strawberry cream)
  • Mint Fondant (pale green wrapper, same as strawberry crème but with a mint crème filling)
  • Crispy Truffle Bite (was only available at John Lewis stores, black and gold recyclable foil)

Sweets that were replaced

  • Purple One (the original “Purple One” with Brazil nut, replaced with hazelnut version)
  • Chocolate Strawberry Cream (now replaced with Strawberry Delight)
  • Chocolate Toffee Cup (now replaced with Caramel Swirl)
  • Malt Toffee (replaced with Toffee Deluxe as a “new” flavour)
  • Milk Chocolate Round (now replaced with Milk Choc Block in green wrapper)
  • Almond Octagon (purple wrapper, replaced with Vanilla Octagon, but the latter is now discontinued as well)
  • Toffee Deluxe (replaced by Honeycomb Crunch, reintroduced and then replaced by Chocolate Caramel Brownie)

The sweet treat brand has made various changes to its tubs over the years.

Last Christmas, Quality Street revealed it was bringing in new recyclable packaging for its sweets, replacing the classic wrappers made from foil and colourful plastic film. 

The new packaging was phased in slowly with the majority of last year’s tubs still having the old wrapping.

But there are also new Quality Street chocolates to try.

Fans of The Purple One and the Green Triangle will be pleased to know they can now enjoy a taste of both in one bite.

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The confectionery giant brought these two fan favourites together to produce the Quality Street Collisions sharing bar.

This new choc on the block combines gooey caramel, creamy hazelnut and crunchy hazelnut pieces in three delicious layers.

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