ALDI has discontinued an iconic candy dupe and shoppers are devastated.

The bargain supermarket is famous for creating knock offs of popular items.

Aldi is famous for selling dupes of popular items


Aldi is famous for selling dupes of popular itemsCredit: Getty

From perfume, to beauty products and a selection of food products, Aldi has an array of dupes for shoppers to try,

But sadly one popular item is no longer available – and that’s Aldi’s Jelly Babies dupe.

The supermarket confirmed on Twitter that that product is now discontinued.

A shopper tweeted Aldi asking: “Still haven’t got the Jelly Babies back though, have ya?”

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In response, the store said: “Unfortunately, this product has now been discontinued from our everyday range.

“All Aldi products are under constant review and changes are frequently made.

“Often these changes are as a result of customer comments such as yours.”

Gutted shoppers were taking to social media to express their disappointment.

One said: “Here’s hoping you get them back soon.”

While another wrote: “I managed to locate a new supplier of nice Jelly Babies since Aldi has done away with them.”

A third shopper said: “Bassett’s jelly babies aren’t that good. Tesco or Aldi ones are much better.”

We’ve asked Aldi when the sweets were discontinued and we’ll update the piece once we know more.

The sweets were 69p for a 230g bag, according to supermarket comparison site

If you’re a Jelly Babies fan, then you could try other retailers, though you may have to pay more.

In comparison, Sainsbury’s dupe costs £1.35 for a 225g sized bag and Tesco charges £1.10 for 250g.

The original Maynard’s Jelly Babies can cost anywhere from £1.50 to £2.50.

Of course, prices and stock can vary from store to store and it’s always worth shopping around to see if you can find it cheaper elsewhere.

This isn’t the first time the discount supermarket has discontinued products.

In July, it “temporarily” removed its popular Battenberg cake from shelves.

One disappointed shopper took to Twitter to ask Aldi after not being able to find the Holly Lane cake in stores.

They said: “AldiUK can you tell me what’s happened to the Holly Lane Battenberg it’s not been available for weeks!

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“Please don’t tell me it’s gone to Battenberg heaven.”

In response, the supermarket confirmed that the cakes are “temporarily discontinued”.

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