THE bizarre moment a Tesco customer filled up his petrol tank with cooking oil has been captured on camera.

As fuel prices soar, the daring motorist was seen at a Tesco in Congleton, Cheshire, taking the caps of the oil and pouring it into his vehicle.

The motorist was spotted with a trolley full of oil


The motorist was spotted with a trolley full of oilCredit: Mark Rainford
Footage of the daring move was posted to Facebook on Tuesday


Footage of the daring move was posted to Facebook on TuesdayCredit: Mark Rainford
He was seen pouring the oil into his fuel tank


He was seen pouring the oil into his fuel tankCredit: Mark Rainford

Mark Rainford caught the man in the act and began filming as the motorist transferred the oil into the tank.

On Tuesday he posted the video to Facebook with the caption: “What fuel prices”.

He told Cheshire Live: “I filmed it and as I walked past him he was taking all the tops off the bottles first, that’s what made me laugh. He had clearly thought it through.”

One person commented said: “It’s going to be a busy night for the AA when everyone tries this in their modern diesel engines.”

Another warned against the move: “Don’t go putting veg oil in your car or van unless it’s old type diesel engine .

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“You’ll f*** your engine up, it’s too thick and you’ll blow the diesel pump up. And especially don’t put it in a petrol car/van.”

One other offered some insight into why it won’t work: “To use veg oil you need a heater in the fuel system and also the glycerine in the oil will eventually clog up the fuel system and homogenise the engine lubrication oil.

“The only way it works is to convert it to biodiesel using toxic and dangerous chemicals.”

Cooking oil company Cater Oils says although recycling biodiesel is possible, motorists should avoid pouring oil directly from the bottle into their tank because it’s thick and sticky.

Petrol prices have hit a string of record highs over the past week, as the situation in Ukraine sparked fears about the oil supply.

One forecourt in London was even spotted selling fuel for an eye-watering £2.18 per litre.

Average fuel prices have now topped £1.63 for petrol and £1.73 for diesel, according to the RAC.

There are hopes that the spiralling prices could ease in the near the future and that this will be passed on to motorists.

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It comes after parents have signalled they may need to home school children because they cannot afford the petrol to drive them to class.

MP Robert Halfon said mums are having to make the painful choice because fuel is “unaffordable”.

Petrol prices have reached an all-time high


Petrol prices have reached an all-time highCredit: Mark Rainford

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