A BOY who was abandoned by his parents on the side of a motorway was forced to walk a mile at night for help.

The 17-year-old had to be rescued after he was left stranded on the side of the M11 in Cambridgeshire.

A boy was abandoned on the M11 by his parents


A boy was abandoned on the M11 by his parents

The teen trekked a mile in the dark – in an area he didn’t know – until he found an emergency SOS phone and was able to call for help.

Police raced to the boy and ensured he was placed in a “safer environment” following the traumatic incident.

Cambridgeshire Constabulary shared the details of the horror in a Facebook post.

It read: “Imagine you are 17 years old. Imagine being left by your parents at the side of a motorway near a city you’re not familiar with.

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“Imagine having to walk a mile at night, on the darkest stretch of that motorway, to the emergency SOS phone to get some help.

“That was the reality for one boy recently on the M11.

“He wasn’t from Cambridgeshire and had no links to here, but he needed our help and we did exactly that.

“Thanks to officers from our Child Abuse Investigation and Safeguarding Unit (CAISU), he was temporarily placed in police protection and is in a safer environment while investigations continue into where he will now be happiest.”

Anyone with concerns about a child has been urged to get in touch with their local police force, as information could save a life.

Cambridgeshire Constabulary added: “All reports can be made in confidence and can be done anonymously.”

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