COPS hunting Daniel Khalife have released CCTV images of the van they believe he used in his prison escape.

Khalife is thought to have clung to the Bidfood delivery lorry and used makeshift straps, found underneath, to secure himself.

There have been no confirmed sightings of Daniel Khalife


There have been no confirmed sightings of Daniel KhalifeCredit: Pixel8000
The Bidfood delivery lorry Khalife is thought to have escaped by


The Bidfood delivery lorry Khalife is thought to have escaped byCredit: Metropolitan Police
Khalife's suspected route across London


Khalife’s suspected route across London
This is how Khalife escaped from Wandsworth Prison


This is how Khalife escaped from Wandsworth Prison

The Met Police also revealed the route of the van the prisoner used to flee Wandsworth Prison in south London yesterday morning.

The force confirmed that there have still been no official sightings of the escaped suspected terrorist – with 150 officers hunting the inmate.

A spokesman added that Khalife’s previous military experience may mean he may be more aware of efforts to catch him.

The Met’s counter-terrorism commander, Dominic Murphy, told PA, the lack of sightings was “unusual” and is “testament to the ingenuity” of Khalife.

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Although there have been more than 50 calls from members of the public which have provided “some really valuable lines of inquiry”, the inmate is still at large.

Mr Murphy said he is keeping an “open mind” to the possibility the 21-year-old had help in his escape.

The counter-terrorism commander also suggested they are unaware as to whether or not the fugitive could have fled country.

This comes as the force revealed the van left Wandsworth Prison at 7.32am, taking a right turn out of gates onto Heathfield Road.

It then turned left onto Magdalen Road and left againonto Trinity Road (A214) up to the Wandsworth Roundabout – taking the first exit onto Swandon Way (A217).

It then turned left onto Old York Road (past Wandsworth Town station) then left onto Fairfield Street, and right onto Wandsworth High Street (A3).

It stayed straight ahead onto West Hill and then on to Upper Richmond Road (A205).

The van was stopped by cops chasing Khalife at 8.15am on Upper Richmond Road – over an hour after Khalife was declared missing at 7.50am.

Prison officers did not notify cops about his escape until 8.15am.

In a press conference today, Mr Murphy said: “This was a really busy area of London and we’ve had no confirmed sightings in any of that information, which is a little unusual, and perhaps testament to Daniel Khalife’s ingenuity in his escape and some of his movements after his escape.

“It’s important that we remember that we have some of the best military in the world here in the UK and he was trained.

“He was a trained soldier – so ultimately he has skills that perhaps some sections of the public don’t have.”

Mr Murphy added: “He’s a very resourceful individual, clearly, and our experience of him shows that, so nothing is off the table with him at the moment.”

Commander Dominic Murphy said previously: “Since yesterday, over 150 officers and staff have been working around the clock on apprehending Khalife.

“We have issued a nationwide alert that has resulted in increased security at our ports and borders, however currently there have not been any confirmed sightings.

“I recognise and am fully aware of the impact these measures are having on the public. We are working to ensure as minimal disruption as possible.

“It is crucial for the public to help us with this search and to call us immediately if they have any information on the whereabouts of Khalife.”

He is not thought to be a threat to the public – but if you see him, do not approach him but instead call 999 immediately.

The Justice Secretary, Alex Chalk, has also confirmed two urgent reviews will be taking place investigating the security at HMP Wandsworth.

They will look into the categorisation and placement of all prisoners and those behind bars charged with terrorism offences.

Chief Inspector of Prisons, Charlie Taylor, revealed staff shortages are an ongoing issue at the prison and “the source of many problems”, as reported by the PA news agency.

Mr Taylor added: “Something obviously went wrong in terms of security, and that will come out over time.”

He vowed the fugitive prisoner “will be caught in due course” with “no stone left unturned”.

Khalife, who was attached to the Royal Signal Corps before being discharged, allegedly placed fake bombs at an RAF base in January.

He went under the radar for almost a month after the bomb hoax before his capture and arrested on January 26.

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Another charge, under the Official Secrets Act, accuses Khalife of gathering personal information about soldiers from an MoD computer system that could be useful to an enemy.

He was being held on remand at Wandsworth prison and was due to stand trial on November 20.

Khalife before he was arrested


Khalife before he was arrestedCredit: Sky News
The Met Police said Khalife may be using his 'military experience' to dodge cops hunting him


The Met Police said Khalife may be using his ‘military experience’ to dodge cops hunting himCredit: Sky News

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