CORONATION Street fans are confused after Grace Vickers quit the cobbles just days after returning.

The mum – who is played by actress Kate Spencer in the ITV soap – made a shock return to the cobbles this week.

She wanted more money from the Bailey family to stay away from her daughter Glory.

After previously taking £20,000, she demanded another £10,000 leading to the couple telling their son Michael what was really going on.

He went to confront Grace – and was convinced she was suffering from some trauma and needed help.

But she soon set him straight – she just couldn’t be a mother.

“You say it like it’s a dirty word but the truth is I wanted my independence,” she told him. 

“I wanted to start my own business and this was my only chance. Maybe you were right, maybe I wasn’t happy. 

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“I know how much it hurt when you said you weren’t in love with me but it was the truth though, wasn’t it? That’s how I feel about Glory. 

“And no matter how many times I look at her or hold her, no matter how much I can see how beautiful she is, I just don’t love her the way a mother should. 

“And I’m scared that if I stay I’ll end up resenting her. She doesn’t need me. She’s got you and your family. 

“She’s got all the love she needs and more.

“Maybe in time I’ll feel different, I don’t know. Just look after our little girl, won’t you? Bye Michael.”

However fans were confused at why Grace would quit the cobbles just days after returning – and without the money she wanted.

One wrote: “LOL! Grace suddenly instantly turned nice and remorseful there after a 5 minute chat with Michael?! Get him to be an international peace ambassador immediately!”

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A second said: “Wow, and here’s me thinking Grace would lie, or put up a fight. Seems like the writers realise this storyline was just too annoying to watch.”

Another added: “i’m surprised that Grace didn’t lie to Michael & blame Ed & Aggie. it feels too easy.”

The Bailey struggled to find the money to pay Grace


The Bailey struggled to find the money to pay Grace
Michael was shocked to learn about the blackmail


Michael was shocked to learn about the blackmail

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