CORONATION Street fans are terrified stalker Justin will walk free after Ryan Connor pulled out of giving evidence.

The barman – who is played by actor Ryan Prescott in the ITV soap – discovered Karen had betrayed him and Daisy and given Justin a chance of walking free by exposing Daisy’s previous behaviour.

Daisy begged Ryan to come to court


Daisy begged Ryan to come to courtCredit: ITV
Ryan felt like there is no hope


Ryan felt like there is no hopeCredit: ITV
Daisy is terrified Justin will stalk her again


Daisy is terrified Justin will stalk her againCredit: ITV

But with Karen having betrayed Daisy and Ryan to help her brother, Ryan felt that all hope was lost.

He didn’t turn up to court and Daisy was left terrified that Justin was going to be freed to stalk her again.

She went to appeal to Ryan and begged him to change his mind.

But he wasn’t having any of it and he laid the blame squarely at her door.

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“The truth is you’re a manipulative cow who lies and cheats like it’s nothing,” he told her. 

“You’re exactly the sort of person that Justin’s lawyer is going to make out like you are.”

“Not anymore,” insisted Daisy. 

“What I did was awful but I am not like that anymore. Ryan please. You’ve got to do this. If you don’t, he’s going to get off with this. Ryan please.”

“He could now anyway,” Ryan told her.

“I’m sorry, I just can’t be there for that. Listen I know you regret what happened with me and Alya. 

“And I know whatever Justin says about you, it’s a lie but I got this standing up for you before. I feel like I’ve done enough.”

Fans are terrified Justin will get away with what he’s done and return to torment Daisy again.

One wrote: “I moved house when my restraining order was up, so even if that weirdo gets sent down Daisy won’t feel safe once he’s free to start it again!

A second said: “If Ryan doesn’t go to prison & press charges Justin is going to be walking a free man.”

Another added: “Justin is going to get away with it

Daniel tried to change Ryan's mind


Daniel tried to change Ryan’s mindCredit: ITV
Fans fear Justin will get away with what he has done


Fans fear Justin will get away with what he has doneCredit: ITV

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