DANNY Dyer has opened up about a “toxic” rift that forced him to stop speaking to some members of his family.

The 44-year-old actor – who plays Mick Carter on BBC One’s EastEnders – said that the fallouts got so bad that he’s since cut ties with a number of his relatives.

Danny Dyer revealed that he was forced to cut ties with some family members


Danny Dyer revealed that he was forced to cut ties with some family membersCredit: Getty
The actor said his fame may have played a role in the fallout


The actor said his fame may have played a role in the falloutCredit: BBC

The soap star explained that when he became famous relationships with certain family members became more fractured.

Speaking on Sorted with the Dyers, Danny said: “I’ve got rifts in my family, I’ve got a big old family and there’s been a lot of fallouts over the years – sort of aunts, uncles, cousins, people who I don’t really talk to anymore…there’s a lot of us.”

The TV favourite then recalled moments from his childhood back when his family were close knit.

“It’s weird because we sort of all grew up together and back in the 80s it was a very different world, it was more family orientated,” he said.

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“We’d all go round to my nan’s on a Saturday and she’d do 46 roast dinners.

“There was a big square outside and we’d all go play out there and go back to my nan’s house.

“It was a family…but as you get older and it gets more complicated you start to fall out.”

The star pointed out that his career may have played a fundamental part in the falling out.

He continued: “I suppose I went down the stage of becoming famous and all that, which obviously affects people around you.

“It’s quite intoxicating, you have people either rooting for you or people thinking your s*** don’t stink, but it can come from your own f*****g family.”

Danny also dropped another bombshell, as he spoke about his horror after accidentally stealing more than £100 worth of petrol.

He was in shock when he got a letter saying he’d driven off a forecourt without paying.

Refusing to believe he’d done anything wrong, he called the police and the fraud squad – and even marched round to the petrol station.

However, he was later told he’d paid for his shopping – including a microwave spaghetti bolognese and some sweets – but not the massive fuel bill.

The star said he got a letter from a firm threatening to cart away his belongings if he didn’t pay.

He explained: “I received a letter in the post and it was from a bailiff company saying they were going to come round and start taking things from my house because I haven’t paid my petrol bill.

Danny explained: “What happened is there’s a cashier in there, who’s a bit of a fan of mine.

“That day I bought myself a spaghetti bolognese to microwave at work, some fizzy sweets and a chocolate orange roll. I had a little shopping bag with me.

“He’s forgot to ask me if I’d bought petrol – so I drive off without paying £109 to fill up my car.”

He went on: “Now I didn’t sign this declaration form because I didn’t have to – but when they send it to the bailiffs they treat it in that way that I promised to pay.

“They know who I am and I go in there often. They’re not saying I’m a wrong’un. They’re saying he’ll probably be back.”

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He added: “I paid for it, I cleared it all up. I walked out of that f***ing petrol garage with my tail between my legs clutching that letter.

“I don’t think I’ll be going back which is a shame as it’s a good petrol garage.”

The actor no longer speaks to some family members


The actor no longer speaks to some family membersCredit: Getty

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