THIS is the chilling moment a “horrible” man destroyed a nine-year-old girl’s snowman – leaving her devastated.

The family was left gobsmacked after they checked the footage, which showed a man get out of his car to kick the snowman to bits.

The man got out of his car and kicked down the girl's snowman


The man got out of his car and kicked down the girl’s snowmanCredit: BPM

The fuming parents initially assumed it had just fallen over.

But when they checked their doorbell camera, they found out what really happened.

The man, apparently furious, came up to the garden to attack the young girl’s snowman.

Her mum said her daughter was upset as a result, especially as she was looking forward to watching her creation melt.

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She said the man’s bizarre actions were a “mean and horrible” thing to do – and insisted she wanted to find the man who was responsible.

The confused dad told Black Country Live: “The wife had a doorbell alert, then we saw what had happened. We couldn’t believe it.

It is weird that it annoyed him so much he had to stop and pull over. I know it’s only a snowman but to come up onto someone’s garden, it’s not on.

He added: “It had started to lean over, the kids were looking forward to it melting.”

The family were left perplexed by the man’s “weird” behaviour.

Footage shows him pulling up in his car before crossing the road to the family’s garden.

He then started to attack the snowman – which falls over and ends up in pieces on the ground.

The man then returned to his car and drove off.

It comes as the UK has been hit with cold weather.

The Met Office released yellow weather warnings with snow and ice forecast in the coming days, after a week of blizzard chaos.

The cold snap will will affect all of Scotland, parts of Wales and extends as far south in England as Birmingham.

A portion of Northern Ireland will also be impacted.

The snowman was left in pieces in the garden


The snowman was left in pieces in the gardenCredit: BPM

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