EVERYONE has lumps and bumps on their body and for most people, they go unnoticed.

But they can become uncomfortable – especially if they are in a ‘sensitive area’.

Pastor Jeremy visited Dr Sandra Lee's clinic in California to have a lump removed


Pastor Jeremy visited Dr Sandra Lee’s clinic in California to have a lump removed
She was surprised when Jeremy took down his trousers and revealed the large mass


She was surprised when Jeremy took down his trousers and revealed the large massCredit: Instagram

Visiting Dr Sandra Lee’s clinic in California, US, one patient revealed he had a ‘third testicle’ hanging from his leg.

Sitting down with Dr Lee, also know as ‘Dr Pimple Popper’, Jeremy explained that he had a large mass growing on the back of his leg, right below his left buttock.

Jeremy, who works as a pastor said: “It started as a bump about five years ago but the last three years it has over tripled in size.

“Because it’s there I can’t sit straight, so then it causes my hip and my back to hurt.”

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He explained that the mass has even affected his ability to work properly, as some of his daily tasks include mowing the lawn of the church.

Dr Lee explained that a bump in this area would be difficult for anyone to deal with.

After undressing in the clinic, Dr Lee asked Jeremy if the mass was heavy and Jeremy highlighted that the weight of it caused him pain.

Dr Lee said the mass was in fact a lipoma, which is a benign, fatty lump that grows under the skin.

Lipomas can grow anywhere on the body, but are most common on the shoulders, neck, chest, arms, back, bum and thighs.

They grow very slowly and don’t usually cause any problems.

Lipomas don’t usually need to be removed unless they’re causing problems, such as pain, or if there’s uncertainty about whether it’s a lipoma.

However it can be removed if it is large or is in an obvious place and is affecting your self-esteem.

Dr Lee explained: “It’s what we call pedunculated because it’s hanging off of a little stalk.

“I’ve seen a bump like this before on men in this area. It does have a small stalk.

“Of course I’m always concerned about bleeding in this area and then tension on the wound edges, making sure I can close this tight without it opening up.

“These are all the things I’m going to think about if we proceed”, she added.

In order to reduce the size of the mass, Dr Lee had to split the bump in two halves.

Then she took out all the puss and mass from the lump, before stitching Jeremy back up.

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You should always see your GP if you develop a growth or swelling on your body.

Dr Pimple Popper previously removed a man’s huge armpit lump and a melon-sized cyst from one woman’s shoulder.

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