A DRIVER was caught using Tinder and asking for “private cuddles” while doing 50mph on a motorway.

Police clocked the unnamed motorist planning the intimate meet-up on the M25 in Surrey at around 10am on March 14.

Surrey Police caught a driver using Tinder on the M25


Surrey Police caught a driver using Tinder on the M25Credit: Alamy

Cops asked him to scroll through his recently used applications and discovered that the dating app was open.

They then found he had been messaging someone on WhatsApp, asking for “private cuddles”.

A screenshot of the police report was shared on Surrey Police’s Roads Unit’s Twitter.

A spokesperson for the force added: “It’s a strange time when we glimpse into peoples lives when dealing with drivers on their phone.

“Please don’t plan your ‘private cuddles’ whilst driving at 50mph along the M25.”

The driver was done for “distracted driving”.

UK Times has contacted Surrey Police for more information.

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