THE sun is shining and people are smiling – except for those stuck in a sweltering box of a car during the mass exodus to the seaside at the weekend.

Sun Motors has picked the five convertibles for you to drive this summer instead. The cars range from £14,390 to £29,685 on the road and are listed according to price.

 The Fiat 500C oozes summer style


The Fiat 500C oozes summer styleCredit: Fiat

1. Fiat 500C – from £14,390

Okay, so admittedly this convertible doesn’t quite fully retract its roof with the pillars remaining in place – but the 500C oozes summer fun nevertheless.

In addition to low running costs, Fiat provides ample style options for those who like to add a touch of their personality to a car.

2. Mazda MX-5 – from £18,995

This is not only one of our cheapest options, but also our pick of the bunch. The MX-5 has long been touted as the an all-rounder car, providing style and performance on a budget.

However, the top-spec 160ps Sport Nav model will only set you back from £24,395 – that’s cheaper than many of its competitors’ entry level price.

 The Mazda MX-5 is a perfect all-rounder convertible


The Mazda MX-5 is a perfect all-rounder convertibleCredit: Mazda

3. DS 3 Cabrio – from £19,590

This convertible doesn’t fully retract its roof much like the Fiat 500C, but Citroen’s breakaway premium brand provides much better performance.

The entry-level Chic model is reasonably equipped, however, expect to pay for extras such as anything but yellow paintwork!

4. MINI Cooper Convertible – from £19,795

The popularity of the MINI continues despite it being a pricier option amongst in class, especially if you opt for the sportier S model.

Its ride feels solid and, again, there are plenty of style personalisations to play around with.


5. Audi A3 Cabriolet – from £29,685

For those who can afford to splurge this summer, the A3 is one of the most premium convertibles for under £30,000.

It pips BMW’s 2 Series with its slightly bigger cabin space and better handling.

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