FOOTBALL fans have been left horrified by a pizza covered in sausage and kiwi sold at a game.

The J League was home to the strange treat which gathered a big reaction from fans on Twitter.

The Footy Scran account has become popular for tracking the good and bad of matchday meals at football grounds.

And the Kiwi pizza sold at J League club Cerezo Osaka is among the worst many fans had seen.

Pictures show lumps of the fruit and sausage spread out across the pizza, sat on a paper plate with the stadium in the background.

The awful creation was available for 1000 yen, which is around £6.

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It is fair to say football fans were not impressed.

One disbelieving tweeter said: “How about this monstrosity?”

Another fan simply said: “Dear God.”

While another added: “And here I thought we were still debating the presence of pineapple on a pizza.”


But one person said: “Why am I the only person that’s here for this?!

“Looks pretty on point, I can’t lie.”

Football fans have previously taken to Twitter to express disgust with some food they have been dished on match days.

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