EMMANUEL Macron was humiliated today as EU countries refused to join his fishing war against Britain.

The French president has been left weakened and isolated after his bid to turn the entire bloc against Boris Johnson flopped.

Emmanuel Macron's bid to turn the EU against Britain over fishing licences has failed


Emmanuel Macron’s bid to turn the EU against Britain over fishing licences has failedCredit: Reuters

He wanted members to back a diktat denouncing the PM for “a clear failure to comply” with the Brexit trade deal.

But instead they torpedoed the aggressive statement and removed all references to any breach over fishing licences.

Belgium, Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and The Netherlands signed a watered down version urging “further work” on a fix.

Paris put a brave face on the snub and insisted it had still secured the “important step” of European backing in its battle against No 10.

Fisheries minister Annick Girardin said: “The answer to the British foot-dragging must first and foremost be found at the level of the 27 EU countries.

“We will publish the European and French responses to the British proposals during the second half of October, which could possibly include retaliatory measures.”

Mr Macron’s humbling came with No 10 set to give Brussels another roasting tomorrow in the growing row over the Northern Ireland border.

Brexit minister Lord Frost will tell EU bosses their offer to slash red tape on goods doesn’t go far enough during a fiery speech in Lisbon.

Eurocrats will drop their war on the Great British banger and agree to set up “green lanes” for supermarket products to reduce checks.

But No 10 and Unionists are demanding they go even further and agree to end the jurisdiction of EU judges.

Ireland raged at the snub with foreign minister Simon Coveney warning the bloc is “very close” to reaching its limit to compromise.

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