HAFTHOR BJORNSSON has cast doubt on ‘fat’ Eddie Hall’s fitness levels, saying ‘something looks off’.

And Thor wonders whether his rival has even been training at all, claiming the Brit was ‘eating cheesecake all the time’ instead.

Hafthor Bjornsson reckons Eddie Hall is looking too heavy ahead of their fight


Hafthor Bjornsson reckons Eddie Hall is looking too heavy ahead of their fightCredit: Instagram / @eddiehallwsm
Bjornsson has lost 10 STONE in just two years in preparation for Saturday's bout


Bjornsson has lost 10 STONE in just two years in preparation for Saturday’s boutCredit: Instagram / @thorbjornsson

Speaking to Muscle and Health, Bjornsson reckons he will make light work of Hall, who ‘looks way too big’.

The strongman duo finally collide in the ‘heaviest boxing match in history’ on Saturday to settle old scores.

Bjornsson, 33, and Hall, 34, had to be kept apart during a heated confrontation in Dubai this week.

And insults continue to be traded, with Hall even branding the Icelandic giant a ‘c***’.

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Bjornsson told SunSport on Tuesday that he is ready to KO Hall between the third and fourth round with an uppercut.

The 2018 World’s Strongest Man (WSM) winner and Game of Thrones actor has lost an incredible 10 STONE for the fight.

But Bjornsson believes Hall has not put in a fraction of the work ahead of their battle.

He feels the 2017 WSM champ is ‘out of shape’ despite having two years to prepare.


And Bjornsson remains confident he will end the fight early, with Hall unable to go the distance.

Bjornsson told Muscle and Health: “Eddie still looks fat. People can see I’m training hard – it shows in my physique.

“But when you look at Eddie, you start to wonder, ‘Is he really training that hard or is it all talk?’

“Because the man looks out of shape. And he’s had two years to train. Why is that?

“Is it because he’s still eating cheesecake all the time? Or what is it? Is his diet so off, or his training so off?

“Something is off. He’s way too heavy, he’s out of shape. I’ll be surprised if he’s able to go the full distance.

“I’ll probably knock him out within three or four rounds. The man just looks odd-shaped.

“He looks way too big; he looks bulky in the face even.”

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