Women really do feel the cold more than men – but 6 signs you must see a doctor

[ad_1] AS TEMPERATURES drop to zero or below outside, things can heat up inside the home as you and your partner battle about what to set the thermostat to. If you’re constantly shivering while the man in your life blithely lounges around in a t-shirt, you’re not alone. 1 It’s true, women can feel colder … Read more

Chinese scientists test new Covid Franken-virus ‘with 100% kill rate’

[ad_1] CHINESE scientists experimented with a mutant Covid strain that has a 100 per cent “kill rate” in humanised mice. The lethal virus attacked the brains of the mice that were engineered to have a similar genetic make-up to humans, according to the new study published this year. 2 Workers seen next to a cage with … Read more

Constantly sick? Here’s why you catch bug after bug & 5 ways to stop falling ill

[ad_1] DOES it feel like you’re always sick? You might breathe a sigh of relief to be over your illness, only to be beset by another bug when you finally start feeling yourself. 1 If you’re constantly catching bug after bug, it probably means your immune system is downCredit: Alamy According to pharmacist Navin Khosla, … Read more

‘Fit & healthy’ dad, 27, dies of flu as heartbroken family reveal first symptom

[ad_1] A ‘FIT and healthy’ dad-of-three was placed on a ventilator and then into a coma after falling severely ill with the flu. Quenten Thomas, 27, of Marysville in Tennessee, never made it through and passed away from complications of the illness on January 6. 1 Quenten Thomas, 27, passed away on Janaury 6 of complications … Read more

Sarah lost her fiancé to alcohol – but support helped her get her life back

[ad_1] SARAH PEARSON once stashed wine in the wardrobe to hide her drinking habit – now she’s sharing her story of dependency to prompt others to get free, easily accessible help through the NHS and support groups. “While I was dependent on alcohol my big fear was admitting it. I thought if I did, my … Read more

‘Do not eat’ warning over biscuits and crackers that may contain MOTH LARVAE

[ad_1] BISCUITS and crackers have been recalled after they were found to contain moth larvae. The products, from Daylesford Organic, are “unfit for human consumption”, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) warns. 1 Crackers and biscuits from Daylesford Organic have been recalled Larvae are small, creamy-coloured caterpillar-like pests that later develop into moths. Eating them won’t … Read more

Exact age to stop boozing to prevent dementia & 4 other lifestyle saviours

[ad_1] DRY JANUARY has prompted many of us to give up booze for the month. But if you’re a certain age, it might be wise extend your dry spell and stay away from alcohol altogether to prevent the development of deadly dementia. 1 Drinking regularly can increase your risk of dementia in later lifeCredit: Getty … Read more