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Thursday, September 28, 2023

Pharmacist reveals best medications to treat your child’s colds & what to avoid

SUMMER is now sadly a distant memory, with schools up and running and the weather taking a colder turn. For many parents, this...

From ‘battle sign’ to ‘racoon eyes’ signs your baby’s suffered a nasty injury

IT'S pretty common for your little one to get a knock or bump to their head. In most cases, it won't be serious...

The 5 early bone cancer symptoms as 76% of cases are misdiagnosed

MORE than three quarters of primary bone cancer cases in the UK are initially misdiagnosed, shocking research shows. Brits are slow to recognise...

The 9 foods you should never reheat or risk deadly pathogens

MOST people think nothing of chucking last night's leftovers into the microwave and digging into a stress-free dinner. But doing so could actually...

The truth about ‘marble’ poos – and how it’s a sign you need to...

WHEN it comes to poop consistency, doctors consider the 'gold standard' to be long, soft and sausage shaped. Not only is it easier...

Feeling tired all the time? Here’s how to stay awake without downing coffee

SOMETIMES, it can seem impossible to stay awake through the day without turning to endless cups of coffee.  Whether you’re burning the candle at...

The 7 ‘camouflaged’ symptoms of deadly womb cancer most women ignore

WOMB cancer is the fourth most common type of the disease in women in the UK. But worryingly, many have no idea what the...

Gynaecologist reveals the 10 most common reasons why you’re struggling to orgasm

A GYNAECOLOGIST has revealed the 10 reasons you may be struggling to have an orgasm. Sachin Maiti, a consultant at Pall Mall Medical, said...

The 6 signs of common deadly virus that strikes babies every parent must know

YOU might have heard of RSV - or respiratory syncytial virus - as it's one of the most common winter illnesses, especially for...

How channelling your inner 5-year-old can help spot signs of deadly leukaemia

CHILDREN ask 'why?' a lot - peaking around age five when the questioning seems constant. Why is the sea salty? Why do babies...

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Huge explosion ‘fuelled by EV batteries’ at aiport in blast felt for 20 miles

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