HOLDING fans have been left open-mouthed by a Game of Thrones star’s ‘unrecognisable’ transformation.

The four-part ITV drama is an adaptation of Graham Norton’s 2016 novel.

Game of Thrones fans may not recognise Conleth Hill - who played Varys - in his new role


Game of Thrones fans may not recognise Conleth Hill – who played Varys – in his new role
Conleth plays Sgt PJ Collins in the new ITV drama


Conleth plays Sgt PJ Collins in the new ITV drama

It follows Sgt PJ Collins in the sleepy town of West Cork, Ireland after the body of a character called Tommy is unearthed 20 years on from his disappearance.

Sgt Collins and his new boss, DI Linus Dunne (Clinton Liberty) then have to work out who committed the ghastly crime.

Actor Conleth Hill plays Sgt Collins, although Game of Thrones fans could be forgiven for not recognising him from his time as Varys.

Varys – also known as the Spider – was the eunuch Master of Whisperers and was completely bald.

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However as Sgt Collins, Conleth sports a full head of grey floppy hair and glasses.

Despite appearing in all eight seasons of Game of Thrones, Conleth recently revealed that is role in Holding is “the best” he’s ever had.

He told Radio Times: “I just thought he was a really multifaceted character.

“But [with] none of the kind of cliches that you’d expect from a leading detective”.

He continued: “As brilliant as Varys was, and as much as I enjoyed it, he wasn’t the lead. He was the supporting character.

“Whereas I’m not unaware of the parallels between PJ getting his first murder case in his mid-50s, and me getting my first number one in my mid-50s.”

Conleth stars alongside Derry Girls actress Siobhán McSweeney who is also thrilled with her character, Brid.

She said: “To play the part of Bríd… parts like that don’t come along that often for me, if not anyone.

“I don’t get cast as a romantic lead, because we have a system in place which says only certain people have romantic lives on screen and on stage.

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“Even though life has repeatedly told us that that is not the case, we continue to push forward this propaganda that only certain people can be romantic leads.

“If they have a certain body shape, if they talk a certain way, if they fit a certain aesthetic, and if they’re a certain age. I don’t fit any of those!”

The four-part series is adapted from Graham Norton's 2016 novel


The four-part series is adapted from Graham Norton’s 2016 novel

Holding airs Monday’s at 9pm on ITV and is available on ITV Hub.

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