DRIVERS might want to brush up on their parallel parking skills, as it’s revealed that doing a poor park job could add hundreds to your next MOT bill.

If your car has alloy wheels and you scrape them on the kerb while parking, you could face a hefty repair bill or fail your MOT.

Damaged wheels could mean your car fails its MOT test


Damaged wheels could mean your car fails its MOT testCredit: Getty

Damaged alloy wheels can mean your car fails its MOT if the tester believe it could lead to your wheel or tyre coming detached.

The same is true if there are buckles, fractures or welding defects where the wheel is clearly damaged.

The rules apply to steel wheels too, not just cars with alloys.

Car marker Skoka estimates there are a whopping 13 million damaged alloy wheels on vehicles across the UK.

It said the cost of fixing just one wheel is typically around £67.50.

That means if all four of yours are scuffed, it’ll cost £270 to repair the damage.

Poor parallel parking and hitting raised pavements are some of the most common ways that alloy wheels get damaged.

Indeed, Skoda said that hitting the kerb is the cause of 56% of damaged wheels.

While drivers might be worried about unsightly dents and scrapes, they may not realise that damaged wheels can cause more serious problems too.

Skoda said that the collective repair bill to fix every damaged alloy wheel in the UK would be an eye-watering £890 million.

Worryingly, 30% drivers admit to having hit another vehicle or object when parking.

Despite that, a third of motorists claim to be very confident when parking. Although 45% of those surveyed would prefer to manoeuvre into a bay than attempt a parallel park.

Damaged wheels aren’t the only thing costing motorists money though. We recently revealed how you could be fined £100 for driving too slowly.

There are a whole host of driving offences you might not realise you’re committing that could cost you up to £2,500.

What is an MOT test?

MOT stands for Ministry of Transport, and MOT tests are a mandatory check to determine if a vehicle is safe to stay on the road.

These need to be carried out once a year on any car more than three years old.

During the Covid pandemic, motorists were given a six month extension on getting a test, but that was rescinded in August.

If you’re not sure when your MOT is due, you can check online.

And if you’re worried your car might fail its MOT, here are some tips to make sure it passes with flying colours.

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