Dan Walker rips into BBC full moon montage

Presenters Dan and Sally Nugent tried to deliver a segment on the first full moon of the year – but it soon went horribly wrong.

Casting their eyes over images of a Wolf Moon, the pair failed to keep up with their script, with Walker quick to dub it as one of the “worst ever” montages to feature on the show.

Introducing the segment, Dan said: “If you were looking up in the sky last night, you might have spotted a rare spectacle.

“It is the first full moon of the new year – the Wolf Moon.”

However, Dan soon broke his presenting composure when a large photo of the moon appeared on the screen.

Dan, clearly fed up with the segment, fumed: “I think that’s one of the worst moon montages we’ve ever had on this programme, but thank you very much for your photographs.”

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