MANY gyms have rules but for some people, these rules can be dealbreakers.

A fitness influencer reprimanded gyms with strict dress codes — she said it’s just not for her.

Yasmin, a fitness influencer, prefers to work out at home instead of a gym


Yasmin, a fitness influencer, prefers to work out at home instead of a gymCredit: TikTok/artofyasmin

Yasmin (@artofyasmin), a model and fitness trainer, explained in a video why she maintains her daily routine with an at-home Peloton bike.

The main reason was that she couldn’t stand the rules that were enforced at many of the gyms she’s tried.

As she huffed and puffed in a cropped white tee and shorts on her bike, she broke down why she preferred her home setup.

” I definitely couldn’t workout at a gym with overly restrictive policies,” she said.

“I know there are many gyms with strict dress codes, policies against grunting and cussing, and some with rules that you can’t even lift heavy or drop your weights! No thanks!”

She found these rules ridiculous but also wondered why gym-goers accepted these conditions without protest.

“At my gym, I wear whatever I want and often workout barefoot,” she said.

“I also do a lot of grunting and cussing! When you’re shopping around for a gym, remember that there are lots of options and find a place that lets you be you!”

Through her method, she’s discovered a much higher success rate at staying consistent with her routine: “You’ll be much more like(ly) to stick with something you’re comfortable with.”

People agreed with her perspective.

“Free the puppies,” said one commenter.

“You know when you look at the clock and the time has just flown by lol,” agreed another.

She explained that she just couldn't put up with 'restrictive' gym dress codes and policies


She explained that she just couldn’t put up with ‘restrictive’ gym dress codes and policiesCredit: TikTok/artofyasmin

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