A WOMAN shared how, despite earning a lot of money, she chooses to live below the poverty line in order to save two thirds of her income.

Super-saver Amber Storck, known as Prepper Princess on YouTube, explained that she doesn’t eat out, never buys coffee from Starbucks and even boycotts loo roll in the name of cutting back.

Amber Storck shared her advice for saving money


Amber Storck shared her advice for saving moneyCredit: YouTube
She explained that she used a bidet system instead of buying toilet paper


She explained that she used a bidet system instead of buying toilet paperCredit: YouTube

In a recent video, Amber, who has written the book Living On Almost Nothing, explained exactly how she manages to keep her spending so low.

She said: “I no longer buy clothes, entertainment, dining in restaurants, bistro coffees, toilet paper, paper towels or feminine hygiene products.”

Amber also explained that she doesn’t have any children or a partner who depends on her financially and she also doesn’t have any debt to pay off – even a mortgage.

She also managed to snag a great deal on her house by putting in an offer instantly – before even viewing it.

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She said: “It was purchased for $67,000 and I put $20,000 into it which was plumbing work and mini-split AC and heating units as well as a new kitchen.

“But I could probably sell it tomorrow for £115-125k. I purchased it before the recent housing bubble.”

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Amber explained that she doesn’t use any kind of welfare system and doesn’t buy any medications.

She also doesn’t drink alcohol or smoke which otherwise would have boosted her spending.

The saver started off by explaining the costs of her household bills. The thrifty saver paid $36.13 on council tax and $25 on home insurance every month.

She shared that she spent $100 per month on electricity, $30 on water, $71 on internet, $9 on Netflix and $20 on rubbish disposal.

She spends $100 on food a month including food for her dog and she donates $150 per month. This brought her monthly total spending up to $889.23 or $10,670.76 per year.

The national poverty level in the States is $12,760 for a single person.

She said: “I do make more than the poverty level, I make significantly more. And I am a super-saver, so I save about two-thirds of my income.

“I’m currently working on getting an investment property for additional passive income.”

In terms of kitting out her home, Amber relied on gifts and heavily discounted items when gathering her furniture.

She said: “Most of the stuff I own was purchased on sale, like a huge sale, was given to me, or inherited.”

On top of this, she uses a bidet system to wash her nether regions when she’s used the toilet, so as to avoid having to buy toilet roll.

She said: “I have a bidet. Of course I keep toilet paper here in case a guest is not accustomed to using a bidet. It is not battery powered it is simply run by the weight of the water in the tank.”

All the electronics in Amber’s house were bought refurbished for a fraction of their original price, including her laptop and TVs.

She even used solar panels in her garden to power the appliances in her living room.

Amber explained that a lot of people assume that she lives a miserable frugal existence, but that that wasn’t the case at all.

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She explained that she likes to do plenty of free activities in her spare time, like; climbing, hiking, swimming in the nearby Colorado river, metal detecting, magnet fishing, frsibees and beanbag toss.

She said: “There’s so much to do for free, I don’t understand how people, they think that the only way to have fun is by spending money. So I’m just trying to show people an alternative way.”

The savings influencer explained her monthly outgoings


The savings influencer explained her monthly outgoingsCredit: YouTube
Amber furnished her home with a combination of gifts and heavily discounted items


Amber furnished her home with a combination of gifts and heavily discounted itemsCredit: YouTube

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