ONE daring mom surprised her son at school pick-up by donning an item he secretly bought for himself.

The TikTok parent with over 16,900 followers shared her child’s reaction to seeing her in his questionable hoodie.

TikTok mom Kasandra posted a video of her son's reaction to her wearing a hoodie he bought without her permission


TikTok mom Kasandra posted a video of her son’s reaction to her wearing a hoodie he bought without her permissionCredit: TikTok/kasandraleigh
He was left speechless when he saw her


He was left speechless when he saw herCredit: TikTok/kasandraleigh

Kasandra Leigh (@kasandraleigh) posted a devious video of her at pick-up time.

She patiently sat in her car, waiting to take her two kids home from school.

Her outfit centered around her plan to embarrass her younger son by exposing his secret purchase.

“So, it appears that my son ordered this ‘I love hot moms’ hoodie,” she said, pointing to her sweatshirt.

“He snuck and ordered it without us knowing. And was hiding it in his room.”

Kasandra’s husband found the unfamiliar item in their son’s room.

She joked: “So, guess what I’m wearing to school to pick him up in?”

To match the mood of the sweatshirt, Kasandra placed the viral TikTok glam filter over her face for a real “hot mom” display.

In Kasandra’s following video, her son couldn’t form a full sentence when he saw her.

“Hey,” she said to him. “How was your day?”

All he could say was: “What? What? What?”

Kasandra called him “guilty” as he asked why she was taking a video of him.

She asked: “Do you like my hoodie?” He replied: “Yeah, what?”

His big brother spotted their mom in the car and flashed a smile.

“What the heck? Why are you wearing that?” he asked.

“I don’t know. Dad found it in one of your rooms,” Kasandra said with a laugh.

The older brother turned solemn as he looked at his sibling and said: “Caston, oh my god.”

One intuitive viewer pointed out: “It’s hilarious that the older brother knew who hoodie it was.”

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“Homie wouldn’t look at the sweatshirt to save his life,” an amused individual commented.

“It’s the way he first saw it and then refused to look below eye level after that,” another viewer added.

She wore the 'I love hot moms' sweatshirt he secretly bought


She wore the ‘I love hot moms’ sweatshirt he secretly boughtCredit: TikTok/kasandraleigh
His older brother was mortified


His older brother was mortifiedCredit: TikTok/kasandraleigh

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