A SAVVY mum has discovered an energy-free way to hoover her home – and it’s going to save her cash on bills.

TikTok star Jen (@cleanwithjen) boasts one million followers and regularly posts videos offering cleaning advice and home tips.

Cleaning fanatic Jen has shared an energy-free hoover hack


Cleaning fanatic Jen has shared an energy-free hoover hackCredit: TikTok @cleanwithjen
Social media users are loving Jen's tip


Social media users are loving Jen’s tipCredit: TikTok @cleanwithjen

In a recent video, she showed off her latest cleaning purchase – a “natural sweeper”.

She said: “Right now I’m trying to keep my energy bills as low as possible and I have found the perfect solution to keeping my carpets clean without using any electricity.

“This is a natural sweeper and it works just like a normal hoover to clean your carpets and hard flooring but you don’t need to use any electricity.

“Roller brushes on the bottom help to pick up all the dust, and debris and hair and collects it all very handily for you as well.

“It’s amazing how much it actually picks up.”

With Jen’s new buy – a Bissell natural sweeper – coming in at just £29.99 on Amazon, she’s set to make her money back quickly thanks to her savings on energy bills.

And social media users are loving the retro gadget making a comeback.

One said: “My parents had one in the 70’s when I was growing up.”

A second added: “Bloody hell.. we are seriously going back to my childhood.”

A third wrote: “I’ve had one for years cos remembered from home years ago.”

Meanwhile a fourth said: “Oh wow.

“My mum still has her carpet sweeper from the 80s.

“I’ll let her know they’re getting popular again 

And even Jen herself admitted: “I remember my granny had one but this was so good to use.”

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