I revamped my hallway using vinyl wrap but cruel trolls slammed me


A VINYL DIY expert completely transformed her hallway with a tile print vinyl wrap but cruel trolls told her that if she was that poor she should just accept the floor she has.

The TikToker, who posts under the handle Jes Rose Vinyl explained that she often gets cruel comments from people who disapprove of the technique.

Before laying the vinyl the hallway was very basic and plain


Before laying the vinyl the hallway was very basic and plainCredit: tiktok @jesrosevinyl
But once it was down, the hall looked completely transformed


But once it was down, the hall looked completely transformedCredit: tiktok @jesrosevinyl

Jes Rose, who’s company produces the vinyl and encourages others to use the affordable alternative to relaying floor tackled the comments in her latest video.

The comment read: “Vinyl is a terrible excuse. If you’re THAT poor, just accept your fate an enjoy the floor as it is. You’re welcome.”

Jes said: “We received a lot of controversial comments over this video that we did the other day.”

“Our whole business was created to give people a budget friendly way to glow up their rented home if they couldn’t afford to replace the flooring or they’re not allowed to.

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“Living in a rented home as I’m sure some people can imagine can be tough because of the house’s conditions.

“And I’m sure if you rent, you always look at things and think: ‘I wish I could change that’.


“Our business allows people to do this and it’s removable when they move out.”

Fellow TikTokers were quick to jump in and express support for the vinyl fan and her business.

One person said: “I love this idea. I rent and can only do so much to decorate. If that’s removable and leaves no marks, then I’d definitely have it done.”

Another agreed: “Oof that person’s privilege is showing. Anyway, thank you for doing what you do!”

While a third said: “A person doesn’t have to be poor for finding cheaper alternatives to make a house a home. What this company do is amazing.”

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