A WOMAN sued her nephew after putting his name down on her winning lottery ticket for luck.

Barbara Reddick sued her nephew in 2018 after she won a $912,000 jackpot.

Barbara Reddick sued her nephew in 2018 after she won a $912,000 jackpot


Barbara Reddick sued her nephew in 2018 after she won a $912,000 jackpotCredit: CTV

Reddick had bought a ticket from the Chase the Ace draw in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Although Reddick had bought the winning ticket, she had written her nephew’s name alongside her own for luck.

Upon winning, Reddick told 19-year-old Tyrone Macinnis she would “see him in court” as they posed with their giant check, CBC reported.

“It was my ticket,” she announced to the group gathered at the winning ceremony.

“I bought the ticket and now he’s trying to lie and say I said split,” she told CBC News.

“I’m taking him to court. I’m getting a lawyer tomorrow. Now you can print that,” she continued.

“I put his name on the ticket for good luck because he’s like a son to me — he was,” she said.

“He was lucky, but not for half a million dollars,” he continued.

She told reporters that she would have been willing to split money from a smaller draw, but not from the jackpot.

Despite the feud, the pair came to a legal agreement in September 2018.

Reddick received $651,563 in the settlement, the bulk of the jackpot.

Macinnis received the remaining $261,330, the BBC reported.

“They are both satisfied with the terms of the settlement,” Reddick’s lawyer told the BBC in a statement.

“It was reached mutually in order to avoid further court proceedings and to bring this matter to a final conclusion.”

Chase the Ace is a popular lottery game across Canada’s east coast and raises funds for various charities.

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