LIKE any Doritos fan, I was intrigued when I learned a mysterious new flavour was being launched.

The new Flame Grilled Whopper Doritos were officially released this week as part of a collaboration with Burger King.

I put the new Burger King Doritos to the test and was surprised at the new flavour


I put the new Burger King Doritos to the test and was surprised at the new flavour
Doritos has launched a collab with fast food giant Burger King


Doritos has launched a collab with fast food giant Burger KingCredit: Doritos

When I found out the new crisps were in partnership with the fast food giant, I was a little apprehensive.

I’m not a huge fan of cheeseburger-flavoured foods, like Domino’s Cheeseburger pizza for example.

And as someone who would rarely turn down a Whopper, I felt that the iconic burger could not be beaten.

Ahead of the official launch, I had spotted rumblings about the new flavour on dedicated snacking Facebook pages and some shoppers had even spotted them in major supermarkets.

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Opinion definitely seemed to be divided with some saying they couldn’t get enough, while others would not be heading back for another bag.

That being said when UK Times was sent a bag of the new snack to give them a try, I went in with an open mind.

The large share bag of the Doritos immediately differs from the design of its other signature flavours like Cool Original and Tangy Cheese which is one block colour.

For the new bags, it’s a deep beef-brown colour with images of tomatoes, burger patties, gherkins, lettuce and a seeded bun.

What it tasted like

As soon as I opened the bag I was hit with the overwhelming smell of gherkins, which wasn’t particularly pleasant I have to say – but quite fitting for a burger flavoured crisp.

Each crisp is speckled with red and green flecks, making them instantly distinguishable from other Doritos flavours. 

Upon the first bite, the first thing I noticed was a dry powdery coating to the crisp which slightly got stuck on my tongue.

I was definitely surprised they didn’t taste as bad as I was worried they would, but they were definitely a bit odd.

Each bite was packed full of different flavours but the taste of the corn of the tortilla chip did overpower the others.

I wasn’t that surprised to read on the packaging that these Doritos “are made with more corn” than a standard bag.

I do feel you can taste that difference compared to my personal favourite Chilli Heatwave, making them a bit more dry to taste.

There wasn’t so much a beefy flavour as just smoky and slightly BBQ with definite notes of gherkin and onion.

I felt that each bite of each crisp was hit with different flavour, some were quite pickle based, and some were more smoky.

I don’t think they taste as good or similar to my beloved Whopper but I can definitely can see where they were going with it.

For me personally they’re not going to be my go to snack, I think the corny taste takes too much away from the desired flavour.

I’ll be sticking to my Chilli Heatwave for now.

For those eager to give them a try you can grab a 70g bag in major supermarkets including Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Asda for just £1.25 and a 180g share bag will set you back £2.25.

And, for true fans of the Burger King Whopper you can even use the QR code on your share bag to get a free meal at the fast food chain when you buy another meal – so buy one get one free.

You can find your nearest Burger King on the website.

Fans online have been sharing their memories of the now axed cheeseburger flavour Doritos.

Walkers also previously had a similar flavour crisp when it partnered with Gourmet Burger Kitchen for a snack.

We had a look online and couldn’t find any similar style crisps that are currently in circulation, so if you’re after burger flavoured crisps these Doritos are probably your best bet.

It’s not the first time Doritos has launched a food-based flavour of the popular snack.

Last October the company introduced Triple Cheese Pizza flavour as well as Loaded Pepperoni Pizza.

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Meanwhile, we tested supermarket tortilla chips against Doritos and the winner cost just £1 a bag.

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