SHE was the co-star of one of the most popular kids’ television programmes of the 90s.

But these days you’re just as likely to find Sister, Sister star Tia Mowry, 45, in the kitchen as you are a television screen.

Tia and Tamera Mowry starred in Sister, Sister


Tia and Tamera Mowry starred in Sister, SisterCredit: Alamy
Tia is a dab hand in the kitchen


Tia is a dab hand in the kitchenCredit: Instagram

The US actress branched out into the cookery world in 2015 with Tia Mowry at Home on the Cooking Channel.

And in 2021 she released a cookbook, The Quick Fix Kitchen, specialising in foodie hacks and delicious snacks including parmesan popcorn.

Despite her success in the foodie field, Tia hasn’t turned her back on acting completely.

The mother-of-two recently starred in award-winning sitcom Family Reunion and, prior to that, she had a reality show with her sister Tamera, whom she also appeared alongside in drama The Game.

Recently Beyoncé revealed herself as a fan of the star while performing a birthday show in LA.

Queen Bey blew a kiss at Tia in the crowd before singing a line from the actress’s childhood girl group, Voices.

Reflecting on the moment after the gig, Tia wrote on social media: “The first time I met @beyonce was during her Destiny’s Child days when she was on a production with my brother @tahj_mowry, and since then I have been lucky to cross paths with her throughout the years.

“From the beginning, Beyoncé’s undeniable talent is only rivalled by her incredible kindness and generosity.

“The highlight of the night was when she saw me in the crowd, and she gave me a smile and a hello, and then started singing ‘yeah, yeah, yeah’ from when @tameramowrytwo and I were in the singing group, Voices!” Tia shared. “I was so touched by her gesture, and I still can’t believe that it truly happened! She’s a true icon, who continuously inspires me with her talent, dedication, humility, and beautiful spirit.”

Last year Tia divorced her husband of 14 years Cory Hardrict.

Cory courted Mowry for a year before they decided to move from friendship into something more in the year 2000.

She told OK! in 2013: “I just held out. We weren’t physical, we didn’t do anything for a while to make sure this was something special, and this was something real.

“We courted each other for about a year. We didn’t go on dates with just him and I; there were other people around. We waited a year to kiss.”

Cory proposed to Mowry in 2006, surrounded by her family, and in 2008, they got married at The Four Seasons in Santa Barbara, California.

The sisters had their own reality show Tia & Tamera


The sisters had their own reality show Tia & TameraCredit: Getty

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