A CALIFORNIA woman who was sent a penis in the mail as a nasty prank is getting revenge.

Linda Parks was sent a life-sized chocolate penis from a company called Dick at Your Door and claims it caused her emotional distress.

Linda Parks filed a complaint after receiving a chocolate penis in the mail


Linda Parks filed a complaint after receiving a chocolate penis in the mailCredit: Getty Images – Getty
The package was sent to Parks anonymously


The package was sent to Parks anonymouslyCredit: Getty Images – Getty
Dick at Your Door ships gag gifts around the country


Dick at Your Door ships gag gifts around the countryCredit: Dicks by Mail

Dick at Your Door is a company that sends phallic chocolates and other gag gifts anonymously.

Parks received the unexpected delivery in June 2021.

At the time, the woman was serving as the supervisor of Ventura County. But an effort was underway to recall her position after she voted to sue businesses that failed to comply with Covid regulations.

However, that effort failed and Parks maintained her position.

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Along with the chocolate penis was a note that allegedly read “Enjoy your early retirement… You deserve it,” according to VCReporter.

Parks ultimately got revenge – by filing a lawsuit against Dick at Your Door.

The legal complaint alleges that the company failed and refused “to disclose the person(s) ultimately responsible for the offensive and outrageous conduct alleged herein.”

Parks alleges that the actions of the company were “outrageous, intentional, and malicious, and done with reckless disregard” for the emotional and physical distress she would be caused.

In addition, the “chocolate Dick” is described as having “no redeeming social qualities, whatsoever.”

She is suing for general damages, special damages including psychological counseling and lost wages, and also the cost of the suit.

The Dick at Your Door website says they ship all gifts “with complete discretion.”

Under the FAQ page, the question “Why?” is met with the following response from the company: “Because what is better than sending an anonymous chocolate dick to someone in the mail? There is something really special about knowing you have given something confusing with no hope of figuring out who the culprit is.

“That’s a special kind of torture.”

The website also has a disclaimer stating that the products are intended as gag gifts and should not be sent with malicious intent.

This is not the first time a suit has emerged against Dick at Your Door.

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In 2016, Vice reports an employee at a Dallas-based technology company also sued Dick at Your Door.

In that case, the person was seeking information on the person who had anonymously sent her a “bag of dicks” through Dick at Your Door.

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