A WOMAN who worked five jobs seven days a week to pay off her debt has turned her life around – earning enough cash to buy and renovate her house.

Nail artist Rachel Shuttleworth, 41, creates incredible designs for her clients from realistic portraits of celebrities like Nicki Minaj to beloved Disney characters.

Rachel Shuttleworth creates incredible nail art


Rachel Shuttleworth creates incredible nail artCredit: Betty-Rose Beauty Boutique
Pinocchio is Rachel's most popular design


Pinocchio is Rachel’s most popular designCredit: Betty-Rose Beauty Boutique

After losing her job in her early 20s, Rachel was unemployed for months so spiralled into debt.

She explained how she needed to work five jobs seven days a week just to make ends meet.

Things took a turn for the worse soon afterwards as she struggled to find work after being on maternity leave.

Explaining her financial struggles, Rachel said: “I realised something has got to change.

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“I had always been quite artistic in school, doing sketches and even artistic projects in Geography.”

She went on to say: “My sister had done nails before, and I just said, do you know what, why don’t I try it?

“But everyone just laughed at me.”

So she started out as a mobile beautician then rented a room in a salon before building her own salon, Betty-Rose Beauty Boutique in Nelson, Lancs.

Now, 16 years later, Rachel has grown a successful nail business and continues to push her art to new heights.

She revealed: “It gave me my life back.”

Armed with beauty experience and an artistic side, she took a portrait course in London to improve her work – and the designs are mind-blowing.

One portrait takes Rachel around four hours to paint and a full set can even take up to eight hours.

The costs start from £150 – which customers have said is an absolute steal, considering how difficult and complicated her designs are.

Rachel explained she wanted to do something different with her nail designs.

She started with blending colours and gemstones, but soon pursued her dreams of creating detailed portraits – all on the small space of a nail.

She said: “I went on a couple of courses, and I saw different things across the globe online. I got to see what other people across the world did, and I just realised I wanted to do different things.

“Then it took off – people having characters on their nails. I wanted to do more of that.”

And fans have taken to social media to rave about her portrait designs.

One commented: “Well done they’re SO good xx”

A second added: “They are fantastic xx”

A third chimed in: “Yes Rach!! Absolutely amazing work.”

Rachel said: “I would love to have more time. My best design is Pinnochio, and the Disney designs in general.”

She certainly has big plans for the future – entering a nail art competition is on the horizon.

She also dreams of opening her own training academy to spread her love of nail art.

She’s not the only nail artist raking in the cash for exquisite designs.

One luxury nail artist has revealed the trickiest set of nails she’s ever done – and they cost a whopping £750.

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Another talented beauty whizz, believed to be based in the US, has taken social media by storm with her intricate and jaw-dropping nail designs.

But if you want the stunning designs created by Maddox (@ballpit_addict), be prepared to walk home with £1k less in your bank account.

You can even walk around with hand-painted images of Nicki Minaj on your nails


You can even walk around with hand-painted images of Nicki Minaj on your nailsCredit: Betty-Rose Beauty Boutique
The exquisite art works can take up to eight hours to complete


The exquisite art works can take up to eight hours to completeCredit: Betty-Rose Beauty Boutique
Disney-themed nails have proved to be very popular


Disney-themed nails have proved to be very popularCredit: Betty-Rose Beauty Boutique
From animals to characters, Rachel's designs stand out from the crowd


From animals to characters, Rachel’s designs stand out from the crowdCredit: Betty-Rose Beauty Boutique

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