A CURVY western woman has told her trolls off for trying to stop her from continuing to dance her way onto everyone’s “for you page.”

Spirited country lover Amber posted a video to address the trolls who continue to leave mean comments on her TikTok videos – and she isn’t shy.

Curvy country girl Amber addressed her internet trolls


Curvy country girl Amber addressed her internet trollsCredit: TIKTOK/ambergoobs

The daring creator posed in dark makeup and a slick leather button-down.

A studded silver septum piercing added an edge to the country girl’s look while her eyes beamed in the light.

In the background, the music sang: “I bet you’re thinking bout some things that you shouldn’t.”

Her caption read: “POV: Trolls who take their time to leave hate comments.”

The camera switched to a full-length view of Amber.

Her outfit was completed with matching black form-fitting pants and a big gold double buckle belt.

“But are actually helping boost your page just by commenting and visiting,” Amber proclaimed.

“Well Karen looks like your not the brightest tool in the box after all.”

Kind-hearted viewers offered Amber support and encouragement.

Men complimented her appearance.

An interested man wrote: “You are very pretty woman WOW.”

“You are beautiful let the haters hate keep doing what you like,” a woman expressed.

One passionate person said: “Let them Karen’s keep boosting ya. They hate what they ain’t.”

“Pretty girl problems!! Most trolls LOOK like trolls,” one viewer argued.

Amber claimed the hate comments boost her page


Amber claimed the hate comments boost her pageCredit: TIKTOK/ambergoobs

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