WHILE losing weight without trying is the dream of many, few have the magical ability to shed pounds without any blood, sweat and tears.

For the majority, some key changes need to our diet and lifestyle if we want to shift the extra weight.

People tend to believe they are moving more than they actually are,  the expert said


People tend to believe they are moving more than they actually are, the expert said

Leanne Ward, a nutrition expert from Brisbane, Australia, claims she knows three shocking reasons behind why many struggle to lose weight.

1. You’re eating healthy foods, but you’re not in a deficit

The “golden rule” of weight loss, Leanne explained on her recent podcast episode, is being in a calorie deficit. 

This means eating less food than your body burns.

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‘”If you’re not losing weight, you’re not in a deficit,” she said. 

The opposite of being in a calorie deficit is a calorie surplus, and if you want to stay at the same weight, you need to be in “maintenance'” 

To put yourself in a calorie deficit, you must first work out your total calories.

To do this you need to decide on your goal body weight in pounds and multiply it by 12.

This, is the number of calories that you will be eating specifically for fat loss.

2. You think you’re moving more than you are

When it comes to being active, people tend to believe they are moving more than they actually are, Leanne said.

“Most of my clients have desk jobs and think they’re doing lots of exercise by doing a 30-45 minute workout every day, but moving your body for half an hour out of 24 just isn’t enough,” she said.

She suggests walking at least 10,000 steps per day as well as regular workouts.

3. You need a break

It’s important that we keep ourselves motivated and don’t burn out, the expert explained.

“If you’ve been consistent for four weeks and the scale is still stick and not budging, it’s probably a sign you need to take a break from dieting or even try reverse dieting to eat more for a period of time,’ she said.

“Too many of us push in a fat loss phase and don’t get the results we need. Later on you can go back into a deficit, but give your body the fuel it needs when it needs it,” she added.

The fitness guru also said people who are struggling to lose weight could be overindulging on the weekends – which can put all the good work done during the week to waste.

She also said many people could be tracking their calories intake incorrectly.

The dietitian said it’s worth remembering that you could be under-estimating how much you’re eating when you put it in to the app, and you also might be adding cheeky extra handfuls and mouthfuls here and there. 

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