EVER want to upgrade your garden furniture but don’t want to spend a whole weekend painting it all?

Well one DIY fan has come up with nifty solution to get it done and dusted in just minutes, and it’ll only cost you 99p.

Alison shared the painting hack on Instagram


Alison shared the painting hack on InstagramCredit: Alison Chadwick/ instagram
The tanning mitt meant the DIY fan could finish the sun loungers loads faster


The tanning mitt meant the DIY fan could finish the sun loungers loads fasterCredit: Alison Chadwick/ instagram

Alison Chadwick shared the hack on her Instagram account (@thechadwick_home) and it’s left fellow DIYers amazed.

She explained that she had been given two old, wooden sun loungers but wanted to spruce them up quickly.

But instead of a paint brush or even roller she used a tanning mitt.

She simply dipped the tanning mitt directly into the black paint and smeared it over the wooden loungers, making sure to rub it in well.

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The tanning mitt left an ultra smooth and even finish on the loungers, much to many people’s surprise.

Alison raved: “It’s absolutely genius and perfect to get round all the edges and in between the slats, I did this in half the time of using a brush.”

Because the mitt was only as thick as her hand it was the perfect size to get into all the slats on the sun lounger for Alison as well.

It’s not just sun loungers you could use it on though, it would work just as well on other garden furniture, or even inside your home on your banisters and other furniture.

For the hack a thicker tan mitt would probably work better, but you can pick them up for as little as 99p in shops like Boots if you don’t have one at home already.

If the tanning mitt is thinner you might want to wear a plastic glove underneath to protect your hands from any paint that might seep through.

Other DIY fans couldn’t believe how easy the hack made painting furniture and couldn’t wait to try it out.

One said: “Such a good idea and looks great!”

“I’ve seen this used on stairs banisters and I’m dying to do mine, they look so much better,” a second commented.

A third agreed: “I’ll definitely be trying this, what a good hack.”

The tanning mitt leaves a even and smooth finish


The tanning mitt leaves a even and smooth finishCredit: Alison Chadwick/ instagram

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