A FLIGHT attendant has revealed what you should do if a passenger is acting badly next to you on the plane.

A passenger asked what to do after a “rude” passenger in the middle seat took both armrests, and spread both their legs.

A flight attendant has explained how to deal with rude passengers


A flight attendant has explained how to deal with rude passengersCredit: Getty

Kristie Koerbel, who has been a flight attendant for 20 years, told the New York Times that it was an “unwritten rule” that middle seat passengers get both arm rests.

She continued: “To handle someone invading your space, ask them nicely. Often, the person doesn’t even realize they are being rude.

“Try a joke, like, ‘they keep making these seats smaller and smaller.” That acknowledges your problem is with the seat, not the person, and that you are both in this together.”

“If the person is quite tall and is completely folded in their seat with nowhere to go, you could offer to trade seats. We all hate the middle, but it might be more comfortable for both of you over the flight.”

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They said to only do this if you feel safe, otherwise to call crew over to try and handle the situation.

A travel expert recently revealed why you should always book the dreaded middle seat on a plane.

But rude passengers aren’t the only problem you might experience on a plane.

A former flight attendant also explained how to handle a situation with kids kicking your seat on the plane.

Bobby Laurie said the best way to approach the situation and when is the right time to press the call button for help.

He told Conde Nast Traveller : “If you’re seated near a child, and their actions are disturbing you and your comfort, it’s best to try and handle the situation before getting others involved. Often, a bit of kindness goes a long way.

“Distraction seems to be a reliable method to calm a boisterous child. However, even the most valiant efforts of a fellow passenger to soothe a child can fall short.

“But even for flight attendants, the situation is not always simple to resolve. In some cases, parents are doing the best they can, and in others, well, maybe there’s room for improvement.”

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Here are some bad plane habits you should try and avoid otherwise you risk annoying crew.

If you annoy them, they have a gross way of getting their own back.

Only call flight crew if you don't feel safe to tackle the problem yourself


Only call flight crew if you don’t feel safe to tackle the problem yourselfCredit: Getty

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