APPLE’S new iPhone 15 will be a must-have for tech fans up and down the country, but its likely to come with a hefty price tag.

The tech giant is set to launch its latest device on September 12 and it’s expected to land on shelves just a week later.

Ru Bhikha, a mobiles expert, has shared the best time to buy the new iPhone


Ru Bhikha, a mobiles expert, has shared the best time to buy the new iPhone

Prospective buyers can expect to fork out between £850 and a whopping £1,900 for the new iPhone, according to experts at USwitch.

If you were hoping to get your hands on an upgraded model, but didn’t want to pay those kinds of prices, then you might be in luck.

Ru Bhikha, a mobiles expert at Uswitch, has revealed that you could save up to £144 by being savvy about when you buy the new iPhone.

He told UK Times: “For those who are thinking about buying the iPhone 14 through a contract, our analysis suggests that the best time to buy would be during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday period.

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“Prices tend to experience a notable dip during this specific sales window. It’s predicted that this will run true for the latest iPhone model too.”

This year, Black Friday is set to fall on Friday, November 24 to Monday, November 27 – also known as Cyber Monday.

In the build up to these events, make sure you check the price of the gadget before it is discounted.

By making sure you know what the original retail price was, you can avoid dud or low-quality deals.

Price comparison websites can be really helpful if you want to check what something costs across a range of retailers.

Comparison site Price Buy can help you find the best deal on a product.

Plus, price tracker websites, such as camelcamelcamel shows you how much something has sold for on Amazon across a specific time frame.

When is the best time to buy an iPhone?

If you’re in the market for a new iPhone, but you aren’t necessarily bothered about getting the newest model – then you could still make a saving by looking in the Black Friday sale.

Ru said: “When the price of the new iPhone is lowered, there tends to be a domino effect across its older devices too.

“So if you’re a deal seeker, this is definitely the best time for you to look.”

But as well as launching new devices each year, Apple also stops offering older models to prevent having too many options on the market, Ru said.

He added: “These discontinued mobiles – like the second-generation iPhone SE – can still be bought elsewhere, and often for far less.”

You can try retailers like, or, who sell refurbished phones.

Nearly all refurbished phone dealers will offer some sort of warranty, in case something does go wrong.

You should look for the longest-possible warranty, but a year as minimum should be standard.

Ru also recommended Raylo, a service that allows people to lease phones, and other gadgets, rather than buy them.

The user pays a monthly fee for their usage and return their devices at the end of the leasing period.

When is the best time to sell an iPhone?

Ru says the best time to sell an old iPhone is before a new one is released.

This is because as soon as a new one emerges, older models become more outdated.

So if you’re thinking about selling your old iPhone, don’t put it off.

There are a few different sites you can use to sell your old tech, including marketplaces like eBay and CEX.

Website – a secondhand mobile phone site – allows peope to buy and sell their old phones.

You simply list the item and when it sells, Doki checks it and puts the money from the sale straight into your account,

Once the phone has been sold, Doji deals with any issues that the buyer may have and is responsible for refunding them instead of the seller.

There are no fees for sellers and Doji takes a cut from the buyer. So if you’ve sold a phone for £100, you’ll get the full £100.

UK Times spoke to one savvy seller who has made £3,054 by selling his old phones through Doji.

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Meanwhile, we revealed how an easy iPhone check can save you hundreds of pounds a year – and it takes must 30 seconds.

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