PRIMARK is known for drawing in shoppers with bargain clothing, homeware and beauty products.

If you’re looking to refresh your wardrobe, or your home, there really is something for everyone at Primark at famously low prices.

Lisa Talbot is an award-winning personal stylist and shared her top Primark tips


Lisa Talbot is an award-winning personal stylist and shared her top Primark tips

Plus, the store can be a great place to look for a cheaper version of something you’ve seen elsewhere too.

Primark has 191 stores across the UK, plus it is currently trialling a click and collect service across dozens of its sites.

But you might have been to your local branch recently and, faced with rows and rows of clothes, shoes and accessories, not known where to start.

Luckily, shopping expert and award-winning personal stylist Lisa Talbot does.

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She shared four items you should always pick up at your nearest Primark and the two to avoid.

Vest tops

Primark fans have been raving for years over its selection of bargain clothing basics, such as vest tops.

Most stores have a wide range of different items available and shoppers are forever talking about the great quality and low cost.

And Lisa also agrees that these are some of the best items you can buy in store.

She told UK Times: “Vest tops are great to be used as a layering item. or also on their own.

“They are made from recycled plastic and have adjustable straps with a nice range of colours.

“At £2.50 these are just great value for money & a great asset to your wardrobe.”


It might not be your first port of call, but you can pick up some stylish steals in the denim section at Primark.

In most cases, you should be able to choose from a variety of sizes and choices too.

Lisa said: “Jeans have been great this season with ‘on trend’ leg styles with stretch for comfort.

“Prices start from £12 which makes these a great item to create a quiet luxury fashion outfit perfect for different occasions.”


Bargain hunters are often sent into a frenzy by Primark’s cheap and stylish underwear.

If you’re a Primark fan, it’s highly likely that you will have seen or heard about its £6 underwear sets or cheap individual pairs.

They come in a variety of different colours and have proven extremely popular, and Lisa says she can understand why.

She added: “Primark knickers are fab with a selection of styles and great colours, you can purchase a single pair for £1.50.”


Keep an eye out for accessory items too, in particular handbags and sunglasses.

Lisa said: “Primark’s accessories help you complete your outfit.

“In particular, hats and handbags which can be picked up from as little as £5.”

Items to avoid

While shoppers are often spoiled for choice when they pop into a Primark store, not everything is worth your money.

Lisa said that the retailer’s knitwear isn’t the most durable and is probably best avoided.

“I would be cautious of knitwear as it can lose its shape quite quickly,” she added.

“It can also bobble which makes the item look more used than it has been.

“Prices do range from around £8, but just be cautious.”

For a similar reason, Lisa said it’s also best to avoid make-up and beauty items.

She said that while prices start from as little as £1.50, the quality might not compare to some bigger and more well-known brands.

She said: “Whilst there are many make-up dupes in Primark, I would air on the side of caution unless it’s an item you’ve tired in the past and have had great results.”

Of course, whether you want to spend on something will depend on your personal taste so it’s always worth checking it out before you opt not to buy.

Meanwhile, you’ve been shopping at Primark all wrong – here are fives ways to bag a bargain.

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