A SELF-proclaimed time traveller from 2906 has claimed he knows the exact month World War Three will erupt between the US and Russia.

The TikToker, who goes by the name the time voyager, claims he is “here to save humanity” by warning the world of major events.

The alleged time traveller warned WW3 is coming in just a matter of months


The alleged time traveller warned WW3 is coming in just a matter of monthsCredit: tiktok/timevoyaging
The TikToker outlandishly claimed the US and Russia will go to war next year in response to Poland being hit by a stray missile


The TikToker outlandishly claimed the US and Russia will go to war next year in response to Poland being hit by a stray missileCredit: tiktok/timevoyaging

The barmy bloke has now declared he has inside knowledge of when armed conflict will engulf the globe – and it’s not far away.

The alleged quantum leaper claimed in his latest clip that chaos will ensue from March next year when the US and Russia lock horns.

He referred to the recent incident in Poland when a rocket strayed over the border from Ukraine and killed two people, sparking crisis meetings at Nato.

The self-asserted time traveller warned viewers to “stay safe” before the alleged armaggedon hits in four months time.

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The TikToker said: “I am a real time traveller, as I said before, WWIII will soon begin.

“Russia has sent missiles to Poland aiming to hit the capital, Warsaw, but misfunctioned and hit a small village.

“This was another attempt at gaining more land back, but will lead to World War 3.

“NATO will retaliate by sending missiles to Moscow in 4 months, when the 3rd World War will begin.”

TikTokers were both spooked and unimpressed by the ominous warning, with many suggesting he had simply made an educated guess.

One wrote: “My guy just watched the news and made a conspiracy.”

Another said: “No event announced from a time traveler happens… so it the evidence suggests that time travel is a fake!”

A third added: “A conspiracy i hope will never come to pass. I’m scared.”

A fourth said: “Bros acting like this isn’t extremely obvious.”

And a fifth chimed in: “Do you ever answer any questions? You want us to believe you but you have no answers to important questions!”

Fears have continued to mount for the future as Vladimir Putin shows off his horrific haul of nuclear weapons to the world.


Russia successfully tested its hypersonic Satan-2 missile on Friday, according to the Kremlin, which can blast targets at almost 16,000mph.

Russia previously boasted that the beast – which can carry 15 warheads and drop multiple nukes in a single terrifying strike – would be fully deployed by the end of the year.

It has the potential to obliterate the United Kingdom 1,600 miles away in just six minutes.

Britain and the US are planning a massive paratrooper air drop in eastern Europe in a “two finger salute” to the tyrant.

The allies are set to put on the spectacular show that risks fuelling tensions as Russian forces besieging Ukraine begin their own infantry, tank, artillery and air drills in Belarus.

However, you don’t need to panic just yet – as none of the ‘time voyagers’ previous outlandish predictions have panned out.

We previously told how he warned humanity will be facing a real-life purge in the next two years – as well as four other horror events.

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In a string of clips, he baselessly claimed they would change the course of human history forever – warning that action should take place now.

In that timeframe he bizarrely suggested that humans will face a ‘zombie’ pig plague, new lockdowns and even the potential visit of aliens.

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