A MONEY expert has revealed that you could be sitting on £150 and not even know it.

If you’ve just come back off holiday and haven’t had the chance to change your foreign cash back into pounds, this is your reminder to do so.

The average household could be hoarding £150


The average household could be hoarding £150Credit: Getty

Salman Haqqi of consumer website money.co.uk says the average household is hoarding the notes and coins – whether that be euros or dollars – and doesn’t even realise.

The currency is more than likely stashed in a draw somewhere after you either didn’t get round to exchanging it or thought you would save it for the next trip.

So now’s the time to go digging and earn yourself some extra cash.

Salman said: “You can exchange your foreign money in High Street banks, but should also consider online services, as they tend to offer some of the most competitive rates.

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“They can also provide details of nearby outlets where you can drop off your unspent money and exchange it for British cash.”

And if you find yourself hitting the jackpot, you can head to plenty of places that will turn the money back into pounds.

Salman advises No1 Currency, Eurochange and NM Money, who all currently pay £8 for every €10.

The Post Office and major supermarkets also do exchanges.

You can exchange as little as a €5 note but coins are not accepted – so you might be stuck with them until you jet off again.

However, if you’re looking at heading off again but to a different country, you can decide to convert it into something else.

You can exchange your cash for more than 50 different currencies at Leftovercurrency.com.

Even out of date money is accepted.

Work out how much you have, download and print the exchange form on the site, or add digitally online, and choose your payment method.

Then post to the company, which will check it out before sending payment.

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