I’m a woman in the U.S. Military – people say it’s ‘easy’ for me, but it’s not


A WOMAN in the US military has shot down claims about her work experience.

Military worker Krystal told haters they were wrong about how “easy” it is to be a woman in her job.

A woman in the US military was told she has it 'good' in her job


A woman in the US military was told she has it ‘good’ in her jobCredit: TikTok/alyzabethsoliz8
Krystal said people don't know what it's really like for women


Krystal said people don’t know what it’s really like for womenCredit: TikTok/alyzabethsoliz8

The brave individual posted a video to address the false accusations being made.

Krystal looked into the camera and pretended like she was talking to someone next to her.

“Someone telling me how easy it is being a female in the military,” she said.

“And how ‘good’ we have it.”

Krystal slicked back her hair and wore a tan short-sleeve T-shirt.

Suddenly, the shot switched to Krystal in full uniform.

She looked at the imaginary person next to her as if they were crazy.

“And I wonder if you know,” the background music sang.

Krystal looked up and finished the line.

“How it really feels,” she proclaimed.

Passionate viewers commented in agreement with Krystal’s perspective.

“PERIOD. PERIODOCITY. LOVE YOU,” one fiery follower wrote.

An experienced woman said: “Being a female in the military u literally just get used to being counted out.”

“Say it louder for those in the back,” one woman encouraged.

Other females in different professions detailed their reality too.

“It’s so sad it’s like this in law enforcement also. Just know the females in law enforcement stand with you also,” a viewer admitted.


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