TURBULENCE is a common occurrence when you catch a flight, and normally planes pass through it without any problems.

But if you’re a nervous flyer and hate a bumpy journey, you need to listen out for a phrase which means it’s going to be a rough flight.

A former pilot has revealed there's a phrase that means it's going to be a bumpy journey


A former pilot has revealed there’s a phrase that means it’s going to be a bumpy journeyCredit: Getty

Former pilot John Greaves explained that if you ever hear a pilot telling cabin crew to sit down, it’s a sign there’s turbulence ahead.

He told Reader’s Digest: “If [a pilot] tells the flight attendants to sit down, you’d better listen.”

Turbulence is usually harmless and although it’s rare that someone onboard gets injured during it, it does still happen.

Another pilot explained that about 100 people are injured due to turbulence each year, so it’s important to sit down if the seatbelt sign is on.

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On his website askthepilot.com, Patrick Smith wrote: “Each year worldwide, about 100 people – half of them flight attendants – are hurt by turbulence seriously enough to require medical attention, [with] head, neck, shoulder and ankle injuries being the most common.

“That works out to about 50 passengers – 50 of the two billion or so who fly each year.

“And the majority of them are people who fall or are thrown about because they aren’t belted in when they should be.”

If you’re a nervous flyer, you’re in for a rough time as it’s likely flights are going to have more turbulence than ever.

Pilots try to avoid turbulence by flying in the lower troposphere – the layer of atmosphere closest to Earth.

But the climate crisis is causing changes in the Earth’s atmosphere which is having an impact on that.

New research published in Science Advances discovered that as the planet heats up, the atmosphere closest to Earth has been rising.

That means that pilots will need to fly higher to avoid turbulence and it is likely that passengers will have a much bumpier ride in the future.

A pilot has shared some tips to help passengers avoid feeling sick while they are flying through bad weather.

Tiktok user Simon advised passengers to avoid alcohol, try and zone out, and tell crew if they’re feeling unwell.

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A flight attendant revealed how to stop your ears from popping while travelling.

Another flight attendant revealed the things you should never wear on a plane, unless you want to have an uncomfortable journey – and even risk your life.

If you hear a pilot tell the flight attendants to sit down and put their seatbelts on, you know there's going to be turbulence


If you hear a pilot tell the flight attendants to sit down and put their seatbelts on, you know there’s going to be turbulenceCredit: Getty

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