A PROFESSIONAL organiser has revealed her £1 trick to declutter any room in your home while looking chic.

Suzanne, form Canada, has spent years working as a professional organiser and has shared her tips on her TikTok account, Organize My Chaos.

Not only does it hide any clutter - -but it looks chic too


Not only does it hide any clutter – -but it looks chic tooCredit: Tiktok/@organizemychaos

She revealed one of her favourite organising hacks in a video that gone viral with over 600k views, and the best part?

You can pick it up for just £1 and it can be used in any room of your house.

Suzanne said: “Did you know that magazine holders can make for a versatile storage solution?”

She showed five different ways you can use them in your home to clear up clutter.

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Her first suggestion is to use it coffee pods to keep them organised and so it can sit neatly by the coffee machine.

If you don’t use coffee pods then Suzanne has another use you may find helpful.

Often our kitchen cupboards are filled with different cooking necessities, but it can easily be organised by using a magazine holder.

simply take your kitchen foil, baking paper and cling film and put them in the holder for a neat storage solution.

If you find yourself losing food container lids all the time then try putting them in a magazine holder.

Not only will it mean you stop losing them, but it will also give you much more space in the cupboard.

Suzanne said: “These holders are also perfect ways to keep your hair products concealed and easily accessible.”

And it’s the perfect storage solution if you have a small bathroom.

“If you’re got a tight space with limited storage, magazine holders can also make a great wash cloth holder.” She added.

you can purchase magazine holders for just £1 in Ikea.

Viewers of the video loved her ideas, and others suggested other ways they can be used.

One wrote: “I got one of these specifically to hold curling wands and hair straighteners. They’re (metal ones) great for when they’re still hot but need to be put away.”

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“I used the book holder ones that look similar to this for all my cutting boards.” Another user suggested.

A third said: “This was so helpful thank you.”

You can use them for any room in your house


You can use them for any room in your houseCredit: Tiktok/@organizemychaos
It's a great storage solution for food container lids too


It’s a great storage solution for food container lids tooCredit: Tiktok/@organizemychaos

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