A FORMER wedding coordinator has told how she’s so hot that grooms tried to pick her up during their own nuptials.

Nova Jewels used to work 30+ hours a week and every weekend to help couples plan their big days.

Nova got a real thrill out of it


Nova got a real thrill out of it
The model is much happier in her new career


The model is much happier in her new career

She ditched the £1,500 a month career to rake in £4,000 as one of Scotland’s top OnlyFans models.

But the one thing she misses about her old job is the thrill she got when a groom made a move on her during their own weddings.

The Dundee-born redhead, 26, says: “When I was a wedding coordinator, I had grooms message me asking me to be their stripper for their stag do.

“Or they would tell me they wish I was walking down the aisle to them instead of coordinating the wedding.

“Or the best men were usually the ones to let slip that the groom couldn’t stop talking about me.

“I’ve also had a bride say I made her want to be gay.”

Nova adds: “I’d be lying if I said it didn’t turn me on.

“It used to give me such a thrill, I would just giggle and go along with it and then get back to planning the wedding.”

She previously revealed how her OnlyFans subscribers pay up to £100 just to watch her pee.

Nova couldn’t believe her luck when she realised that men would stump up serious cash to see her on the loo.

Some of her fans even ask her to urinate in a cup and tip big money if she decides to do it for them.

She said: “I’ve always dabbled in the weird and wonderful I guess.

“One of my regulars tips me 150 credits – around £93 – just to watch and then he leaves straight away as soon as I’m finished.

“There is literally nothing else involved.

“I never expected to turn 26 years old and literally be able to make money just by going for a 30 second pee.”

Another favourite among her followers is sploshing – a popular fetish where someone covers themselves with food and makes a mess.

She added: “I started a trend a while ago which I gave up on very quickly.

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“You get national days of the year, for example, national carrot cake day, so I bought a carrot cake and covered myself in it.

“What a carry on though. It was stuck to my body, it was all over my door, there was a bum shaped carrot cake print on my wall where I had leant against it, it was smeared into the carpet.”

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