A KREMLIN stooge last night swung a call with Ben Wallace after pretending to be the Ukrainian PM. 

In a major security scare, the Defence Secretary spoke to Denys Shmyhal’s imposter but hung up after becoming suspicious.

Ben Wallace on a visit to Poland today


Ben Wallace on a visit to Poland todayCredit: Rex

He accused Russia of “dirty tricks” and called it a “desperate attempt” by Putin to distract from his criminal bloodbath in Ukraine.

Mr Wallace last night ordered an urgent investigation to get to the bottom of how the hoax call had happened.

The Defence Sec, who has access to highly sensitive intelligence, was yesterday on a military visit to Poland to deliver a tranche of anti-air missiles. 

Mr Wallace said: “Today an attempt was made by an imposter claiming to be Ukrainian PM to speak with me.

“He posed several misleading questions and after becoming suspicious I terminated the call.

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“No amount of Russian disinformation, distortion and dirty tricks can distract from Russia’s human rights abuses and illegal invasion of Ukraine. A desperate attempt.”

Western officials are confident Mad Vlad’s battleplan is quickly falling apart after failing to execute a single objective.

The Defence Secretary visited Poland today as Britain deployed anti-air missiles to the region following Russian threats.

One hundred UK troops have also been deployed to man the Sky Sabre medium range missiles.

Mr Wallace said: “Sky Sabre has unprecedented speed, accuracy, performance and target acquisition, which will significantly enhance Poland’s air defences.”

 Putin may abandon plans to capture Kyiv as countless Russian soldiers would be killed, spooks now believe.

Spies say the death toll of an all-out assault on Ukraine’s capital may even be too much for the evil Kremlin tyrant to stomach.

A Western official said: “An ill-judged ground assault on a city as well prepared as Kyiv, with really determined and committed defenders, would be a fairly costly business. 

“And I think there comes a point where even Russia has to count the cost of casualties.

They said Putin’s forces were getting “bogged down” around the outskirts of Kyiv after suffering ambushes by heroic Ukrainians.

As many as 7,000 Russian troops have been killed in the bloody fighting so far as Putin’s battleplan continues to fall apart. 

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