China’s choice

WE hope China is as aghast as we are over the beautiful cities laid waste, the bombed apartments and the families slaughtered by Putin’s deranged, unprovoked assault.

Is President Xi, behind his public warmth towards Moscow, not equally mortified by this monstrous injustice?

China's crimes are eclipsed by ­Russia’s scorched-earth annihilation of its neighbour


China’s crimes are eclipsed by ­Russia’s scorched-earth annihilation of its neighbour
There is no place for India and Pakistan's lily-livered neutrality - India's PM pictured with President Putin


There is no place for India and Pakistan’s lily-livered neutrality – India’s PM pictured with President Putin

China is guilty of its own crimes, of course. But even those are eclipsed by ­Russia’s scorched-earth annihilation of its neighbour, its massacres, its nuclear threats and its shameless, sickening lies.

Xi may be unable to muzzle the mad Kremlin dog. But he must pick a side, for the sake of his own nation’s future.

This war presents a binary choice: Putin’s abhorrent killing machine ­versus a young democracy fighting bravely for its life. Fascism versus civilisation. Evil versus good, as in 1939.

Which will China want to go down alongside in the history books?

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Russia — this broken pariah state which most of the world will never forgive while Putin or his lackeys remain in power? Or those who stood up to it?

China does big business with Moscow. That is dwarfed by the trade with the US and Europe on which its new prosperity has relied. And the West is more united now than it has been for 30 years. What if it blacklists those who allied with the ­Hitler of the 21st Century?

The same goes for India and Pakistan. There is no place for their lily-livered neutrality.

What’s more, those too conflicted to denounce this murderous tyranny deserve not one penny of the UK aid they are still, farcically, receiving. Scrap it today.

Wake-up call

WHY does this Government take so long to rise to any occasion?

It acts like the savage rise in our bills is a minor blip needing, perhaps, a small tweak during next week’s Spring statement. Can it not grasp that millions of voters are being tipped into poverty?

Other nations have slashed fuel duty. When will our Chancellor show the same urgency? It beggars belief too that Rishi Sunak is stubborn enough to plough ahead with April’s tax rise.

As for fracking, even the ex-Energy Secretary who pulled the plug on it urges a rethink. Yet Cuadrilla must start cementing up its wells for good this week to comply with Government edicts.

If No10 is serious about revisiting shale, the firm needs a binding and lasting commitment TODAY — before it reluctantly buries its last hope in concrete.

Great Britons

THE Government has not covered the UK in glory over refugees. But the public has.

The stampede to accommodate homeless Ukrainians is awe-inspiring.

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So is hero doc Michael Griksaitis, who plucked 21 kids with cancer from the war zone for life-saving treatment here.

We’re that bit prouder to be British today.

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