TICKETMASTER customers reported technical issues on March 10, 2022, when attempting to purchase tickets on their app.

Customers use Ticketmaster to purchase tickets to Broadway and comedy shows, concerts, and sporting events.

Ticketmaster customers say the site isn't letting them purchase tickets


Ticketmaster customers say the site isn’t letting them purchase tickets

Is Ticketmaster down?

Customers started complaining about issues with Ticketmaster on March 10, saying the site had charged their card without providing them with the ticket.

Some complaints were made with a plea for help from the company, with one customer posting on Twitter: “i don’t know if i got tickets , i got charged for it but in my account doesn’t appear the ticket @Ticketmaster help.”

Another user complained that Ticketmaster charged them for a concert that was canceled during the Covid-19 pandemic and has allegedly not issued a refund.

“@Ticketmaster do you want to explain to the masses on this site how you took my money for an @RollingStones concert over 2 years ago, canceled it earlier last year, and I still don’t even have a REPLY about my refund request?”

Other grievances include the app shutting down and error messages cropping up when you attempt to buy tickets.

“For the insane amount of service fees @Ticketmaster charges, one would think that the website would actually let you purchase tickets without error messages and that customer support is actually functioning,” one person tweeted.

Ticketmaster is currently experiencing 44 percent of the problems with checking out, 31 percent are website issues, and 26 percent of issues are with purchasing tickets.

How can I check if Ticketmaster is down?

Down Detector is typically the best way to look into issues with an app or website.

The site can take a few hours to update with complaints and in that case, users can go to Twitter to see if anyone else is having similar issues.

Another website, Service Provider, will reflect the number of issues they’ve received with the app, and comments are revealed at the bottom of the page.

Customers’ grievances with Ticketmaster started at 8.30am on March 10 when one person said she was trying to buy concert tickets but her order wouldn’t go through.

Ticketmaster can be reached via phone or email through their website.

The site allows you to live chat with a customer support representative via a chat icon.

You will need to sign in to your account and under the order details of your ticket, you can click on the Live Chat button that will provide you access to a rep 24/7.

Alternative contact details are via phone and a representative can be reached at 1 (800) 653-8000.

Remember to have your order number ready to give to the customer service representative when you call.

Their customer support is open Monday through Sunday from 9am to 9pm ET.

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