A WOMAN has opened up about the surgery she has had over the years after spending more than £12k flying backwards and forwards to Turkey to go under the knife. 

Scarlet Black first decided to fly to Turkey for gastric sleeve surgery when she wanted to lose weight – and she hasn’t looked back since.

Scarlet opened up about her various surgeries


Scarlet opened up about her various surgeriesCredit: Tiktok – @sleevesurgery
She explained it started when she flew to Turkey for a gastric sleeve


She explained it started when she flew to Turkey for a gastric sleeveCredit: Tiktok – @sleevesurgery
She's since been back again


She’s since been back againCredit: Tiktok – @sleevesurgery

Now, Scarlet, who has lost 14 stone since having the sleeve, has also had a tummy tuck, thigh lift and boob job in the country.

And she’s so happy with her body transformation that Scarlet proudly shares her story via her TikTok account @sleevesurgery

Revealing all, the British woman, who is now living in Australia, showed before and after images of her surgery, including her jaw-dropping weight loss.

In a recent video, Scarlet explained: “I lost nearly 200IB, which is around 90kg.

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“So my first surgery I had was a gastric sleeve, which was a great tool to help me lose weight.

“I had it done in Turkey and it cost me around £3000, all in all, like flights and everything.”

But Scarlet said that was only the beginning of her surgery journey after her “dramatic weight loss” left her with another issue.

She told her 796.9k followers: “I was left with loose skin all over me.

“And for the people that go, ‘Oh, if you lost it slowly, you wouldn’t have had loose skin…’ – no! 

“I’m sorry, 90kg. If you lost 90kg, no matter how you did it, you’re going to be left with saggy, loose skin. It’s too much weight to naturally go back.”

This led to Scarlet opting to have an extended tummy tuck.

She went on: “It goes all the way around and hooks at the back. They also did muscle repair on my abdomen and I had back lipo.”

That round of surgery cost her around £3.6k, before she forked out a further grand on an arm lift. 

She added: “I think my flight for this time in Turkey again cost like £150 or something like that. Not too much – and that was a return.”

But Scarlet revealed she had been under the knife one more time when she paid for a thigh lift and a boob job.

She said: “The thigh lift cost around £2500 and these bad boys cost around £1700.

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“My flights this time were £800. It was Turkey again [but] because I went in peak summer season it cost a lot more to fly out.” 

However, after unveiling the results of her new figure and that it cost over £12k, Scarlet’s social media followers were more concerned about something else.

She revealed everyone was interested in how she found the money to fund all of her ops – and she was only too happy to answer.

She explained: “Lots of you asked how do I afford to do it? I have a spicy page.

“And the other ones that come at me saying, ‘oh you only do this now because you’re slim’ – girl, do your research.

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“I’ve been doing this since I was 25 stone plus. I’ve been in the industry for five years.” 

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Her other ops include a tummy tuck


Her other ops include a tummy tuckCredit: Tiktok – @sleevesurgery
She has also had a thigh lift


She has also had a thigh liftCredit: Tiktok – @sleevesurgery
Meanwhile, she had a boob job


Meanwhile, she had a boob jobCredit: Tiktok – @sleevesurgery

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