JAKE PAUL predicts a UFC fight with Conor McGregor sells 4MILLION pay-per-views – and packs out Wembley Stadium.

The YouTuber has spent almost all of his boxing career trying to prize and goad McGregor into the ring.

Jake Paul predicts a UFC fight with Conor McGregor sells 4m PPVs


Jake Paul predicts a UFC fight with Conor McGregor sells 4m PPVsCredit: Getty Images – Getty
Conor McGregor has been called out by Jake Paul


Conor McGregor has been called out by Jake PaulCredit: Getty Images – Getty

But Paul has now offered to play the Irishman at his own game and called on Dana White to give him a one-fight UFC deal to make it happen.

Not only is he willing to enter McGregor’s world, the American is even prepared to go behind enemy lines at Dublin’s Croke Park.

And he claimed the fight is a record-breaker in the making, capable of filling out the biggest stadiums in the world.

In an exclusive interview, Paul told SunSport: “Over three million buys in the US, 500,000 in the UK, 300,000 in Australia, 4+million globally.”

Jake Paul vows to give ENTIRE purse to UFC stars if he loses to McGregor
Jake Paul vows to lose more than a STONE to fight UFC star Conor McGregor

The UFC’s biggest ever fight was McGregor’s 2018 loss to bitter rival Khabib Nurmagomedov, 33, selling 2.4m PPVs.

Floyd Mayweather, 45, holds the overall record for his 2015 decision over Manny Pacquiao, 43, which drew 4.6m US PPV buys.

But for Paul to switch the ring for the cage, he has made his demands known.

That includes donating his ENTIRE purse to all UFC stars who make less than $50,000 per fight if he loses.


But if Paul upsets the odds and beats McGregor, he wants UFC president White to introduce a healthcare scheme and take minimum fight purses from $12k to $50k.

It leaves him taunting that UFC stars would be quietly supporting him against the sport’s most famous superstar.

Paul said: “Biggest MMA fight ever. Me entering a new sport at the highest level will peak the interest of young and old, particularly if we have fighter compensation and healthcare on the line!

“Imagine the entire UFC roster would be shouting about this fight. Secretly hoping I win so they can get better treatment from UFC.

“Two of the biggest names in sport, MMA + boxing, with the reach of ESPN plus Dana in the middle…the world will stop and watch.

“Croke Park, Wembley or Cowboy Stadium packed to the rim.

“Will Conor finally shut up Jake Paul….or will Jake Paul once again show the world the impossible and put Conor into retirement?”

Of course it would be sweeter to knock out his veneers in MMA

Jake Paul on Conor McGregor

Paul, 25, insisted he would knock out McGregor, 33, in both the ring and octagon – leaving him needing a new set of gnashers in the process.

He said: “If you took a poll on us boxing, I bet the vast majority would have me beating him.

“And if you took a poll on us in a MMA fight, fans will say Conor is winning that.

“So of course it would be sweeter to knock out his veneers in MMA.”

Paul has been training 24/7 in boxing for the last four years, earning himself a 5-0 record.

But he would be starting from the bottom again by crossing over to MMA – armed with only some high-school wrestling experience.

Paul admits it would be an uphill task, requiring half a year of non-stop practise, but will leave no expense spared or stone unturned


He revealed: “Who said I’m not worried? He’s been at it for 15 years. But I know I have a great chance given I’m rising and he’s declining.

“I will spend six months, morning, day and night training with the best MMA coaches in the world and put myself in a position to win. I’m just built different.”

McGregor has largely ignored Paul’s efforts to entice him into a mega-money bout, barely even acknowledging him.

But renowned prankster believes his rival has been paying attention behind-closed-doors – and even accused McGregor of COPYING him.

Paul said: “Never been focused on Conor responding because I know he has been listening and studying me.

“Putting out tweets after right my fights. Look at his last fight, he was emulating my pre-fight tactics, everybody called him out on it.

“I think this direct of a response is because he knows this is the biggest fight for him and a chance to do something that Mayweather couldn’t do… beat a Paul brother.”

Jake Paul is willing to fight Conor McGregor in MMA or boxing


Jake Paul is willing to fight Conor McGregor in MMA or boxingCredit: Instagram @jakepaul
Conor McGregor was blasted by Jake Paul


Conor McGregor was blasted by Jake PaulCredit: Refer to Caption

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