JAKE PAUL is ready to fight Conor McGregor in the octagon – and claims it will result in a ‘win-win situation’ for UFC fighters.

The YouTuber-turned boxer publicly called out McGregor to an MMA bout – but a certain set of stipulations need to be met.

Jake Paul is ready to fight Conor McGregor in the octagon


Jake Paul is ready to fight Conor McGregor in the octagonCredit: Getty
Conor McGregor has been urged by Jake Paul to accept his fight stipulations


Conor McGregor has been urged by Jake Paul to accept his fight stipulationsCredit: Getty

In defeat, Paul vows to donate his ENTIRE purse to all UFC stars who make less than $50,000 per fight – while never mentioning the promotion again.

But if the American beats McGregor at his own game, he will demand UFC president Dana White introduce a healthcare scheme and take minimum fight purses from $12k to $50k.

Paul has continuously tried to goad his Irish rival into the boxing ring – but is now prepared to concede home advantage.

In an exclusive interview with SunSport, he said: “To be honest I have not earned a shot against Conor in MMA.

Jake Paul vows to lose more than a STONE to fight UFC star Conor McGregor
Jake Paul has 'right hand of God' and vows to KO McGregor in 'boxing or MMA'

“He’s one of the best to ever do it. But this isn’t about Conor and me, it’s bigger. 

“It’s about trying to create a win-win situation for UFC fighters while also providing UFC and Dana the opportunity to do the right thing. 

“It’s a big risk for me to go into MMA but I am willing to do it if it allows hundreds of fighters to benefit.”

The UFC does not currently offer their fighters of the past or present healthcare, unlike for example the NFL.

They do however provide dental and life insurance for contracted fighters – which covers doctor services, lab tests, emergency medical evacuation and physical therapy.

But ex-UFC fighters have been left with life-changing injuries, including Spencer Fisher, who suffered chronic traumatic encephalopathy in 2013.

The UFC had been paying Fisher $5,000 per month until April 2017.

But his independent contractor agreement was not renewed after the UFC were taken over by Endeavor, leading to a reduction of business expenses.

Paul, 25, continued: “Pay and benefits across combat sports is f***ed up.

“UFC has done an amazing job building its business but it has done so on the back of fighters. Giving fighters 20 per cent of revenue is unfair and unsustainable. 


“Not providing long term healthcare for athletes that you control like they are employees, that get their head bashed in for you to make money, is immoral and creates a lot of risk for the future of UFC. 

“Spencer Fisher doesn’t deserve to be in the condition he is without any support from UFC or Endeavour.  

“UFC literally has blood on their hands on a weekly basis without any care for the long term well-being of its fighters while enjoying massive profits. We have to change this.”

Paul declined to comment on whether his proposal had received correspondence from the UFC, McGregor and management company Paradigm.

But he called on McGregor, 33, to accept the fight – with others standing to benefit win or lose.

Paul said: “Conor you have been selfish your whole life.

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“Selfish to your family with your antics, selfish to your career with your partying and most of all a selfish fighter who has never tried to uplift his fellow fighters. 

“You’re a rich little weirdo who poses, thinks cool watches and suits will make people like you. 

“This is your chance to do for others. Accept my proposal and let’s do something that is bigger than us. I’m ready.”

Jake Paul vowed to donate his entire purse to UFC stars if he lost to Conor McGregor


Jake Paul vowed to donate his entire purse to UFC stars if he lost to Conor McGregorCredit: Instagram @jakepaul
Conor McGregor was blasted as 'selfish' by Jake Paul


Conor McGregor was blasted as ‘selfish’ by Jake PaulCredit: Instagram @thenotoriousmma

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