ROY KEANE has reflected on who he fell out with when he was manager and insisted they were “idiots who never did anything.”

The Manchester United legend has no regrets as he opened up about his biggest bust-ups and is “convinced he was right.”

Roy Keane has slammed the players he has fallen out with and called them 'idiots'


Roy Keane has slammed the players he has fallen out with and called them ‘idiots’Credit: PA

Keane, 52, had numerous high-profile rows with players during his management career at Sunderland and Ipswich.

But the Irishman’s controversial confrontations began when he fell out with Ireland manager Mick McCarthy ahead of the 2002 World Cup – which cost him a chance to play in the tournament.

His clashes continued into his coaching career as he notably fell out with Jonathan Walters and Harry Arter during an Ireland training camp in 2018.

Speaking on the new ‘Stick To Football’ podcast by Sky Bet featuring Gary Neville, Jamie Carragher, Ian Wright and Jill Scott, Keane reflected on some of his infamous moments.

The former Man Utd captain spoke about how he still stands by his actions about falling out with certain players during his management spell.

He said: “I fell out with lads when I was manager of Sunderland, Ipswich when I was working with Martin O’Neill at Ireland.

“I look back and I analyse it, and I was convinced – and I still am – that I was right.

“The lads that I fell out with were idiots who never did anything with their lives or their careers afterwards, so that gives me a bit of comfort.


“No one’s ever proved me wrong on that side of it.

“I have pulled players in, and you would have discussions and arguments, but players can be wrong obviously.”

Keane spoke about how leadership is about how you engage with your squad but admits he struggled at times to have conversations with players who do not train properly.

He continued: “Leadership is about actions. What you do on the training pitch, how you lead yourself on the training ground, how you speak to staff, how you speak to your teammates.

“I find it very hard to have a conversation about a player who doesn’t train properly.

“I just cannot understand it. I’m just up for that kind of debate.”

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