KHLOE Kardashian has confessed that she sometimes feels like she’s competing with her sister Kim in a recent interview.

The Good American founder previously revealed that comparisons to her older sisters – including Kourtney Kardashian – were “really hurtful” for her prior to her drastic weight loss.

Khloe Kardashian confessed to feeling a sense of 'competition' with her sisters


Khloe Kardashian confessed to feeling a sense of ‘competition’ with her sistersCredit: Instagram/Khloe Kardashian
She said that she and her sister Kim Kardashian faced off in the gym


She said that she and her sister Kim Kardashian faced off in the gymCredit: Instagram/@kimkardashian

Khloe, 38, sat down for an interview with InStyle magazine, chatting about her healthy habits and the sense of “competition” with her sisters – namely Kim, 42, whom it’s been rumored she’s feuding with.

She confessed in the interview that comparisons between her and her sisters through the years were damaging to her self-esteem.

The mogul told the magazine: “I never thought I was fat until the media told me I was fat.”

This led to a negative relationship between her and her body – something that has changed drastically in recent years.

Khloe told InStyle she’s done a lot of inner work to get where she is today and now she looks at the gym as a kind of therapy or release, not a punishment, and feels much more confident.

The mom of two spent much of the interview talking, in particular, about her love of the Hydrow, which is a subscription-based rowing machine.

She’s been seen promoting the product on social media, sharing photos of herself using it that generated some buzz about her thinning frame.

Khloe revealed that she’s gotten really into rowing and the gym overall, much like her sister Kim.

The two often work out together and have a sort of competition going.

Khloe told InStyle: “We don’t row in the same place together because we don’t have enough machines at one place because we work out together.

“If someone’s at my house, for example, I’ll be rowing while they’re doing a weightlifting set.”

She added: “We are very competitive, especially Kim and I. We’ll be like, ‘OK, I’m going to beat the meters you got.'”


As for her motivation, Khloe told the magazine it’s not all about her body and the way she looks.

In fact, she said she initially got into fitness when she simply needed a bit of an escape from the things going on in her life.

“The reason why I turned to the gym was actually through my divorce. I didn’t really know what to do. Of course, in the beginning, you [have to] get over that hump of it being really hard and something so new for you,” she told the outlet.

“but I felt so accomplished. I’m sort of a control freak, but in life, we can’t control everything. But the gym, what I put in it, I know I’m going to get out of it. And being a control freak – I’m proud of it – I love that I have that control.”

The Hulu star added: “And then just the release. If I’m having a really bad day, I got to the gym. I might not want to go to the gym, but I go and right when I’m done, I feel so much lighter. I’ve never regretted going to a workout. I’ve always regretted missing them or pushing the snooze button.”


In the same interview, Khloe confessed that she is “obsessive” about her weight.

She told the magazine: “The scale Fs with you. I don’t even look at a scale anymore. I think it’s really unhealthy. I haven’t in years. They’re just numbers.”

Khloe repeatedly asserted that her relationship to fitness and her weight is healthy but fans aren’t convinced.

During episodes of The Kardashians from last season, Kim expressed the family’s concern over Khloe’s shrinking frame.

“You look very skinny,” she told Khloe during an episode of The Kardashians.

“Not that I’m trying to out them but Kendall and Kylie did say that they were a little concerned for you because you look really skinny and I said I think she’s a bit stressed.”

Khloe struggled to suppress a grin and said, “And Kendall said it? The model? Wow.”

Kim went on: “I said, ‘No guys, it’s fine.’ I said, ‘You absolutely have every right to be concerned but I’m telling you, she’s fine.'”

Khloe appeared to celebrate her sisters’ concern, lifting her leg into the air and doing a little dance.

In a later episode, Kim was slammed for boasting that Khloe looks “skinnier than ever” during a Met Gala fitting.

Khloe was filmed wearing a corset as she got fitted by designer Jeremy Scott and his team for the annual fashion event.

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Kim commented: “You’re skinnier than ever.”

Jeremy, 47, then chimed in: “Your measurements are smaller than the models that would do the show so you should know that that little waist is teensy itsy bitsy.”

Khloe has been bringing fans inside her intense workouts and weight loss


Khloe has been bringing fans inside her intense workouts and weight lossCredit: Instagram/Khloekardashian
Both she and Kim have left fans worried about their size


Both she and Kim have left fans worried about their sizeCredit: INSTAGRAM/KIM KARDASHIAN
Khloe also admitted that she's 'obsessed' with the numbers on the scale


Khloe also admitted that she’s ‘obsessed’ with the numbers on the scaleCredit: Instagram/khloekardashian

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